Titan Initiative Recruiting

Titan Initiative is a mixed level international alliance and is taking on new players. It’s an Initiative to advance in titans to receive better loot. Alliance wars are optional but using all flags is required if one is opted into war.
2020 will see changes from a more relaxed style alliance to one demanding an active approach to alliance play as everyone is depending upon each other to defeat the titan and to win wars. War will still be optional.
Automatic elder upon entry, and starting 2020 demotion to member for missed titan or not using all flags in war. Expulsion from alliance will occur when 3 titans are missed or second offense for not using all flags in war. Elder will be reinstated after 3 wars of using all flags or 4 titans hit using at least 3 flags.
The theme is reliability and dependability in a responsibility member to member, and member to alliance. When we all try our best no complaints can be validly made. Real life issues will be taken into account along the way. After all, it is real life that provides for our capability to have the leisure of this game.

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