Titan Icon / Reminder by the raid and quest icons

Is there anyway that we can get a Titan icon that you can tap on inside of your base or anywhere in the game that takes you right to the Titan. And also have a stop hitting the Titan button for the leaders, that way people don’t accidentally hit the Titan when there is a stop hitting the Titan?

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These are good ideas, but I think your post should be in the Ideas section, so people can vote on it.

Maybe @Kerridoc, @Rook, or @JonahTheBard can move it to the right place?

There’s a titan tab on the alliance page, accessible from the base that you can attack from. I think that’s three clicks?

Titan stand-down button would be helpful though, there’s always someone who misses the message.


Titan hold can be placed in alliance description.

Kick anyone that cant read

Access titan in alliance menu

Even more convenient for leaders there since members have to scroll passed description to hit titan. I don’t even like it bein available on the map

Thanks. Just trying to make it easier for people that hop on really quick and don’t have much time.

Thank you for moving this! Just wondering if this could be an idea.

It is now :slight_smile: Looks like @JonahTheBard probably moved it.

Thank you for putting it in the right spot

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It would be great that a icon appear above the faction image to reminde us to attack the Titan, just like the War reminder.
If an Titan is available and if we have Titan the icon reminder is visible, else if no Titan available or we don’t have energy the icon reminder is hidden.

Can you add a Titan icon to the main page? There seems to be plenty of room. Make it where the leader/co-leaders can put a red/green light on whether to hit it or let it go.

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