Titan hunt - what do you do?

I have a standard team for the titan hunt, though my defense team ranks slightly higher, I love to play them. Grimm weakens defense, Domitia and Evelyn are just nice hitters, Wu Kong makes the difference up to 100% and Boldtusk helps with healing and attack. Other than that, I use harpoons, if I have them, or small green potion to get rid of the DoT. Usually I end up in the A or A+ in my Alliance. Here comes the question: What else do you do to hit the titans even harder, to get more damage? I find it stressful enough to shoot tiles and specials as fast as I can in 90 seconds, but I really would like to see 40k - 50k or 60+k damage, than the usual 25k to 30k

Well for starters you would want to start stacking rather than focusing on one team. There a certain things that increase damage against titans and you would want to have as many of these as possible :

  1. You want a hero to increase your tile damage. This can be Miki, Tarlak, Ranvir or Wu kong ( in order of efficiency ). This is basically a must.
  2. You want heroes that have high tile damage that are strong against the titan. Once you have one of the above heroes you want to stack heroes that have high tile damage against the titan in the color the titan is weak against.
  3. These heroes preferably fill the following different roles :
    • Defence down : This will increase your damage, not a must if you use harpoons as they give you this.
    • Elemental defence down : Decrease the elemental defence of the titan against your stack. Guardian Jackal, falcon and panther, Frida, Eve Etc…
    • Give extra damage. An extra attack buff always helps. Kiril, Boldtusk etc
    • Increase survivability : If your heroes die your damage will suffer as a result. Keeping them alive is important. Healers, Defence buffers, attack debuffers etc.

Ideally you want to have all of these roles filled in a Titan team in the color that is strong against the titan.


Thanks! I only begin with color stacking and find, it mostly works against me - and I do not really like to see the 1 1 1 1 1, when the tiles hit the titan in the unfavourable color. But I’m close to max Miki, who will replace Wu Kong, and work on Tiburtus.

It may seem that color stacking works against you because you see lots of ones when hitting the titan. And you sometimes get really low total damage on your titan hit. Don’t worry about that. They ones still stun the titan if they hit the weak spot. And the best hits will do a lot of damage.

When you use a rainbow team against the titan, you have one strong color against the titan, one weak color and three neutral. Let’s say a neutral tile does 100 damage. If all heroes have the same attack stat, a weak tile does 50 and strong one does 200. If you hit the titan with five tiles, one of each color, you will do 550 damage.

If you stack five strong color heroes, and fire those same five tiles, they will do 1, 1, 1, 1, and 1000 damage, total of 1004, almost twice the damage of the rainbow team.

If you color stack, there will be much more variance in the titan damage. With a rainbow team you might usually do 20k-30k. With a color stacked team your damage could be 10k-60k.


There are also some great threads on maximising titan damage well worth a read.


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