Titan hits lagging and gems not filling squares

I had a titan hit just now that the lag time was the worst I’ve ever experienced. And then I had one spot on the board that for half the game never filled in with a gem or allowed a gem to go in there. It stayed empty for half the titan hit.

That definitely looks like an issue. You should submit a support ticket to SG, with that screenshot, so that they can pull the logs for your account and take a look at what happened.

Here’s how to submit a support ticket:

If you need any further help opening a ticket, just reply to this post and I’ll do what I can to help you.

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How to submit a support ticket in the game:


Nice! Or, you can just use the three horizontal lines at the upper right when you get to the support site.

I started a new job almost 4 months ago. Company is implementing Dynamics 365. I have been advised those 3 lines are also known as the “hamburger” button. lol


They are. Or “Hamburger Menu.” I debated saying that…but went with “3 horizontal lines” to avoid having people looking for a Big Mac on the page :man_shrugging:


Thanks. Ticket submitted.

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Well that was worthless to turn in a ticket. This was the reply. For one thing, this is a newer phone and I hardly have anything on it and two, my phone would not cause the problem with the spot left open that no gems would fill. Thanks a lot SG.

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Did you follow their suggestions?

All their suggestions are already done before this even happen. I am on the most recent version, I am always cleaning out/deleting things not needed on my phone. I restart/shut off my phone usually once a day. And I am on a very reliable network.

Looks like a graphics only issue. I doubt the engine would ever force a redraw if you didn’t interact with it. There is probably a tile there, just a little annoying to not know what color it is. It actually might try to draw if you try to swipe it or tap it.

It’s worth mentioning all those things to them in reply. They have no idea what your phone setup is, so their initial position will be to explain to you the steps for dealing with the likely causes of graphics glitches.

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