Titan hit visual bug

Look at these numbers on heroes after update, they were ~twice as big before, it only bugs with Wilbur special (probably with Aegir and other sharing dmg to but I can’t test it)


I’ll try to test it next titan

I had a titan flag and a green titan so I just tried it. Rather than showing five separate hits, it showed up as one combined number. This is the opposite of your experience.

Ruskin, are you running v36?

This seems like a side effect of one of the fixes there.

I don’t have it yet, nor a Titan flag…

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I realized that after I posted. Thought I was because I downloaded, but forgot it doesn’t auto roll out. I double checked and I’m still v35.

If anyone can explain why my Scarlett got hit for less damage than anyone else I’d be interested. She dodged something. If she dodged the direct hit, others shouldn’t share damage right? So did she dodge the damage share due to a hit on someone else? Or did she dodge her portion of direct damage but the shared damage still applied to others?

Sorry for hijacking the thread

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