Titan Hit report - please make small tweak to aid data collection

Hi all,

So this is a tiny little granular thing - but it would help

After a titan dies - we get a report that shows who did what damage

It’s a fantastic way to see things over time - and I’ve been running these through some custom software to easily assemble and organize the data… got it down to a scrape, dump, import move that takes less than a minute and is mostly automated

Working to integrate it into a basket of tools to automate a lot of the menual/low value/soul sucking time eating tasks alliance tasks

Boy, it would be really helpful on error correction if there was a charector between the players name and the damage they do

As is – it looks like this x 30

[1] Player Name 199999

If it looked like this

[1] Player Name - 199999


[1] Player Name ; 199999

It would cut about 25%+ off the process; main issue is player names are variable length

Short of an API or data export - this seems the easiest ask


Assuming you’re parsing the text from OCR, can’t you just split it at the last space, and everything after that is the score, and before that is the player name?


That’s kind of what I’ve been doing – great minds :slight_smile:

It’s pretty clean; but can clip the first number or last letter into the wrong cell

Think it’s more of an excel/sheets issue combined with the occasional odd name

When I added a throwaway character to latch onto …it’s cleaner (can probably do the manual stuff with a formula), lot more confidence, easier for folks of various backgrounds to figure out,


I’m sure there would still be some edge cases where a player name contained that character, but I can see where it would make parsing easier.

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Oh there would be – but right now 30% needs minor correction

On the roster collection side – it’s all data validated and automated; so there’s almost no errors

Don’t expect to get to that level – but few minutes a day is doable

Anything I can shave off goes to coaching, playing, strategy, fun, spouse time for the team — which can really add up


My excel is a bit rusty but can’t this be solved with =right(cel;6) function in Excel? This would mean that no member hits over 1 mil on titan or change 6 into 7 if this happens.
I think (out of my mind) that there is a function where you can split the right x amount of symbols into another cell.
Than off course need to reformat from tekst to numeric.

Just a stupid question maybe, but how do you guys collect and import the titan data? Is there a software that I can use for my alliance? It would be really helpful to track who is doing what. Manually, it would take a lot of time so I never got to it. TIA.

We have the same problem with the war data OCR tool that Wolf developed. It’s easy for the OCR to misinterpret a space, but relatively hard to misinterpret a separator.


Are any of the tools you found semi automated?

I couldn’t fine one - so I’m kind of making one from an old project (that one handled a zillion lines)

30 bidirectional data validated sheets go out - allow access each way

Central data is pushed down to data sheet and dropdown menus

User updated data is pulled back, collated and dumped automatically in a premade pivot so you can see

It’s two step - user picks their heros with dups (using copy ID), level, assention rank, and completed nodes

Anything not added doesn’t exist for them (first waterfall), but their given all the static data back

They can use the same data to set a visual team planner – pick one of your heros from the dropdown – static data plus pic given.

Takes 10 min or so to initially update, 5 min a day or so after that

Normal permissioning - can’t see what you don’t grant, can be cut off, etc

Pivot and such is automatic / realtime – adding other data and kind of digesting requests

Couldn’t find anything that didn’t seem manual with new sheets needing to go out – but don’t want to reinvent the wheel or be a webmaster :slight_smile:

Hoping to pull in the Titan war data centrally – pivot for leaders, probably a chart over time or something simple for members

Kind of flows based on how you’d advise / evolve

Heh think you said it perfectly – one charector makes all the difference (for us confidence more than accuracy)

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Still takes some work - but starting point is use an ocr app to grab text from a screenshot then import

Lots of options in the stores - and you can’t see items used or each hit, just the summary – which is more than enough for me

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In short, there’s nothing that I’m aware of that’s semi-automated off-the-shelf and works worth a crap.



Open offer

Happy to share with you when I’m at a good point; if anything is useful / have suggestions / integrations… take it lol

My Google fu is lacking – but Is there a player made data repository (sheets/xls) corner?

If easier - can ping you on email

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I’d love to get access.u I’m not aware of any big repository of player-made resources out there.

If you have Line, my ID is Garanwyn.

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Will pull you in after this sprint – good entry point

Looks a bit bread boxy at the moment lol

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Eh. I’m fine with solder and wires.

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Will add ya after the 4th – hope you have a good one :slight_smile:


I can capture a roster it’s duplates and roll it up in real time

I can capure non farmables - ascension mats and emblems - and roll that up.

Emblems will give a total count – including ones that have been spent on multiple charectors

Finishing the first team sheet - which visually displays the teams and troops, and calculates team power

Was surprised team power was a dead match in testing - but only on ascended heros (I pulled in @Coppersky data); don’t expect that to be the norm; but est is fine

This rolls up as well to a pivot

All of these require nothing from leadership as far as data collection, manipulation, and assembly - they just consume the info and set update cadence – which is hard scoped at 5-10 min a day.

Static data is pushed back to sheets --and it’s working fine with 7, 30 won’t be an issue… 100+ wouldn’t break a sweat

These will be dashboarded – something simple but efficient

Once that’s rolling - can expand to buildings, crafted stuff in the same way down the line, not to worried about it – but following normal evolutions … roster -> titan teams -> war teams -> team sandbox ; reusing a lot and just adding to rollup.

Id to add a gems/budgeting tool and longer term something to display the summon probabilities attached to heros – in a simple meaningful way

Longest term - my buddy really wants to explore linking any budgeting to parental controls outside the game — heh his kids … oy… but that’s way way out of scope :slight_smile:

Lss - the autoroll up works, seems saves a lot of time –

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