Titan hit problems

I’ve noticed lately that our titan hits have been consistently high for the certain players and extremely low for others that normally hit high. I’ve talked with others in the alliance and they say even with a horrible boards their hits are still really high and even with amazing boards sometimes the hits are sub 10k. Would like to know if I’m the only alliance that’s seeing this


I also have noticed this It seems that sometimes my boards are good and have good hits and my scores are crap. And I used to hit 8 * titans and get 20k 24k and I go to hit 3 and 4 * titans and get 6k. Wth is with that something is wrong withentitan battles seriously

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My hits have gone down especially using Wu Kong. I can have great boards and still nothing when I score high it’s usually when it seems like it was low but I don’t average my 30-40k anymore

Hmm, the higher your expected avarege will get, the more you realize bad hits.

Yesterday I scored two of my highest hits over 50K in a row. Just an hour ago I went for about 8000. Found that ridiculous. When my average was about 20K, one 8K hit wasn’t that remarkable.

Seems fine to me (9*)

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