Titan hit counter


I think it would be an awesome feature to see how many times a player hit next to their Titan score. For example 100000/6. It’s a little difficult to try to scroll back to count them to make sure everyone is staying active. Sorry if this was suggested somewhere else.


I agree, I could use a hit counter on titan and in the wars also next to the player’s points, it would make it easier to do statistics and player activity.


I’m surprised that I haven’t seen this anywhere else or it getting more traction.


Titan’s are getting away quite often may be due to the fact that the rewards for defeating one is about on a par with farming levels 3-5. I joined an alliance to hit Titans because it was said that this is where Ascension items would turn up. So far I have had to watch the chest for sales to buy my orb’s, etc to ascend my heros past level 3. If this is the trend then no need to attack titans.


My luck with titans has been awful for a while. I get better items from finishing Titan chests though.


Can i add to this request? Show average titan hit (divide totally hits for us!). Actually more Titan fight info on a summary screen at the end of the Titan would be great. best hero, best color for tile damage, number of combos, number of Wu misses (I know this one is unlikely). It’s like they have all this cool data they could share…


I don’t think they would ever give us how much wu misses lol. Thanks for more suggestions. I’m hoping this one catches on and we get a response.