Titan hit counter – show flags used per alliance member

I think it would be an awesome feature to see how many times a player hit next to their Titan score. For example 100000/6. It’s a little difficult to try to scroll back to count them to make sure everyone is staying active. Sorry if this was suggested somewhere else.

I agree, I could use a hit counter on titan and in the wars also next to the player’s points, it would make it easier to do statistics and player activity.


I’m surprised that I haven’t seen this anywhere else or it getting more traction.


Titan’s are getting away quite often may be due to the fact that the rewards for defeating one is about on a par with farming levels 3-5. I joined an alliance to hit Titans because it was said that this is where Ascension items would turn up. So far I have had to watch the chest for sales to buy my orb’s, etc to ascend my heros past level 3. If this is the trend then no need to attack titans.


My luck with titans has been awful for a while. I get better items from finishing Titan chests though.

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Can i add to this request? Show average titan hit (divide totally hits for us!). Actually more Titan fight info on a summary screen at the end of the Titan would be great. best hero, best color for tile damage, number of combos, number of Wu misses (I know this one is unlikely). It’s like they have all this cool data they could share…


I don’t think they would ever give us how much wu misses lol. Thanks for more suggestions. I’m hoping this one catches on and we get a response.

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This would be so helpful! No more scrolling through the titan log to count the number of attacks per individual member.

We need more votes. :grin:


I’m not a fan of this idea. It’d just put more pressure on the players who are fed up with hunting titans or who have a life to live. It doesn’t matter if you kill a 7* titan or a 12*, the rewards are the same - three people get something useful and everyone else gets 3 gems and a mashroom.


This isn’t accurate.

First of all, you get a 3rd ascension mat roll in titan loot tier IX, and a 4th in titan loot tier XIV, so that’s a pretty big deal when you jump from 7* to 8* titans, and when you jump from 11* to 12* titans.

But also, the chances that each ascension mat roll will yield an unfarmable mat increase in each loot tier. I’ve been tracking this data since last June, and have received a higher % of non-farmable mats in each higher loot tier, except I’ve apparently had bad luck in tier X, with a slightly lower % than tier IX.

I don’t disagree with your point about this putting more pressure on casual players, but if that’s the case, maybe they should find a different alliance that won’t care as much? I think the point of this idea is to make the tracking job easier for those of us in alliances who do care to keep track of such things.


I think this would lead to more alliances caring about it without it being necessary. I think it would be useful for some, but I see it turning into a feature which would make the game even less fun and more of a chore than it is now.

That’s the probability. My statistics has a bit different results. Usually the people, who report something useful from the titan, are in C tier or lower. And if the game fears that you’re leaving, you might get much more assention items than people who are constantly on the top 3 places - this happened to me, actually. I suddenly dropped my playtime and got three 4* ascension items in a row when bein in tier X.

Can’t argue with that. It would definitely be a double-edged sword, and I suspect there are more folks who would view it as a negative than otherwise. This would pretty much only be a positive changes for highly competitive alliances.

Care to share your stats? Here are mine:

  • Tier V: 22 data points, 0% non-farmable ascension material drops
  • Tier VI: 26 data points, 19% NFAM drops
  • Tier VII: 41, 10%
  • VIII: 41, 29%
  • IX: 51, 43%
  • X: 39, 26%
  • XI: 50, 38%
  • XII: 52, 48%
  • XIII: 21, 90%
  • XIV: 12, 83%

Obviously these samples aren’t big enough to avoid some noise, and I’ve clearly had good luck in tiers IX and XIII, and bad luck in tiers V, VII, and maybe X, but there’s a clear upward trend.

Well, that’s anecdotal evidence. Unless you have ALL the data (including all “yes” and “no” results), then this doesn’t really mean much. People tend to be more likely to report good luck when they’re not expecting it, you know?

Yeah, I mean, this is just not reality. The devs have explicitly stated that the game doesn’t do stuff like this.

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I don’t have it written. I just know what people report all the time. Almost everyone reports that they got nothing and once in a while someone reports something good. I don’t know what falls under NFAM drops. We’re only focused on getting 4* ascension items, golden tokens and 5* heroes. The things that can move you forward. Pretty much everything else falls under not useful.

Nobody is expecting it anymore :smiley: that’s why people end up uninstalling the game. We had two people who gave up in the last week or two, because the game just didn’t give them anything anymore.

Well, that’s my observation from my case. I said “might” after all :tipping_hand_woman:. I’m not trying to fight here. I’m just saying that we didn’t notice any difference between the drops from different titans

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I was just referring to 3* and 4* non-farmables. Compasses, Capes, Hidden Blades, Damascus Blades, Darts, Scopes, etc.

If the 3* mats aren’t useful to you anymore, then… ■■■■! Good for you! hahaha. (I have enough of those to last me for a few months too, but I spend money. Many of my F2P and C2P alliance teammates still do need them to come from titans and other non-$ sources, so…)

That’s a bummer to hear, but certainly understandable.

Sorry! I get a little argumentative sometimes. I’m working on it. =-[

(OK, no I’m not. But I am sorry!)

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I don’t think drop rate of materials is related to a titan hit counter, so care a little before mods decide to move comments into a different thread. :smile:

(Co-)Leaders from alliances who currently care about this use different methods to track individual titan hits. Some make detailed spreadsheets while others solely look at 0 scores.

Also, all of the alliance recruitment adds I stumble upon daily (FB, in-game) have one thing in common: “use X amount of flags / daily hits on the titan & participate in war (or opt out).”. One of the most common side notes is: “let us know if you’re going to be absent and you’ll be fine.”.

I’m pretty sure this counts for a very big part (if not a majority) of the current ACTIVE (not top competitive per se) alliances. A titan hit counter would make the life of these alliance’s (co-)leader’s so much easier.

My guess is that the majority of people who play on a daily basis face the rules above in their alliance. A hit counter is helpful for these alliances, but probably won’t change their vision.

The players who do not play on a daily basis or rather play on their own way, are most likely part of a less strict alliance in order to avoid getting kicked out. The influence a hit counter has on these alliances is debatable. If a leader is doing his or her job well, then nothing will change as he or she already knows (or has a feeling of) these statistics or simply chose not to add value to it.

More pressure on each individual should only appear if leaders currently don’t do their monitoring job well. They all of a sudden recognise their own shortcomings and will try to improve their leadership. It may result into some debates or arguing, but it all comes down to a misfit or fit between you and the alliance it’s vision at this point.

I understand there will also be those people who act impulsively and all of a sudden start to demand changes. Just move on already, don’t hang around crazy people. :wink:

I suspect the opposite, because of what I wrote above. It could also be a stimulus for an individual to hit more often, instead of discouragement. I have no idea though if the majority thinks of this as an encouraging or discouraging feature.

It’s interesting to find out how the community feels about this. I’ll make a poll.

Perhaps it’s more of an attractive feature to some of us if (Co-)Leaders have the ability to enable and disable it. Just as the new Featured Alliances Messages.


Will a titan hit counter put more pressure on you to squeeze in more titan hits?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe… or maybe not…

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Alliance (Co-)leaders only please!

Will a titan hit counter cause a change in your way of leading the alliance?

  • Yes. Now that these statistics are available, I will demand a certain participation degree. #toolazytocountstatsmyself
  • No. Our current way of leading will not be affected.
  • Maybe… or maybe not…

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No; our alliance expects daily hit(s), but not a specific number. I try to use all my available hits already.

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No; despite that we expect daily activeness, we realise each person has more to do than play E&P. If you miss a titan, nothing happens. Miss too many? We will reach out too you. Every in-game change or addition so far has not affected our way of leading.

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I’ve only been in 3 alliances but so far each one had a requirement of hitting the Titan x amount of times to be considered active. Once I became a co-leader I didn’t want to scroll back forever and a day just to make sure everyone was pulling their weight. I’m not suggesting this to impose a further burden by any means. Just hoping for something useful for management.


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