Titan High Scores - Post Titan Buff / Athena Nerf - August 2018

I’ve been trying to get away from using Wu on my titan hits, but I guess that’s just not going to happen until I get some new heroes or better heroes.

Some of these threads are old and I wanted a fresh one for a fresh perspective. I want to improve my titan hits and am aware that -def is better than +atk. But I am curious to know how people fare after the titans toughened up.

Preferably people without Athena at all to respond, because I clearly do not have them.

My goal is to regularly do 80-100k if that is even attainable, on 8-9* titans. My best titan score right now is 73090 versus a purple 6*, but I’ve had 45 versus a 9* purple before.

  1. Titan name / star
  2. Score
  3. Team composition
  4. Items used
  5. Good / Mediocre board?
  6. Average score?
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