Titan high score/highest damage personal best/record

Someone will post one with the million damage bug…

Well for now my max is 61k on a red 7*, using wu, kiril, Sonya, Tiburtus and Scarlett.

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38k on 2* yellow.

Kiril, Little John, Tiburtus, Oberon and Balthasar.

No battle items.

Still waiting for Wu Kong. sigh

I dont have Athena. I play since Oktober 2017. My first HotM was the crap thoth amun :slight_smile:

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And here Two Pictures from my wife.
She plays since September 2017.
She has no Athena too. And here are her latest 3 Hits.

I finally got super lucky and had a crack team of Wilbur, Boldtusk, Falcon, Gravemaker and Tarlak. No time stops or tornadoes


Leader in my alliance


I would love to see some loot rewards from the 10+ titans.

Totally killin it…nice one

Sonya - Grimm - Magni - Isarnia - Wu
(And bear banners)


Yo just wondering, what’s the highest Titan Score you’ve ever seen for an individual in your alliance? Right now my alliance leader has almost 300k for a 5 star Titan😬, and we still have over 9 hrs to attack it. It was incredible, so it got me curious to see how high scores have gotten for someone’s Titan attacks. Has anyone seen anything higher than 300k or like that? Maybe the forum should have an “Empires and Puzzles Records” page or something, lol. That’d be cool if it did.

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Samurai did 2+ million

Could be wrong about the name tho

And before you ask… yes it was a bug, but it still counts. And you’ll never take away my 1mil dmg hit… never!!

I know someone got 3mil hit during the same period, straight up one shot the titan and deprived his entire alliance of a rare :joy:. I guess his alliance had him murdered afterwards.


I kill my titans solo so I have no clue about other alliances.
Last to remember was @Kamikaze_Assassin hitting 110k+ per hit … so I wonder also how high his score over big titans.

Samurai was in my Alliance and was leaving the game for awhile. So he used all his items and flasks and did over 2M damage to the Titan.

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HAH I was right!!!


Congrats on the great hit! You should share this in The Ridiculous Bragging thread so others can appreciate it too. :slight_smile:

Thanks, iwill do. Thanks for the tip.

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2 million…?
■■■■, I was happy with my 111k :joy:


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