Titan high score/highest damage personal best/record

Just excited to share my new best score on a purple titan. What are some of your top scores on different color titans and who is in your lineup?


A few days back I smashed a green 8*


Holy bananas, those are some epic hits!! My top is 53K on a 7*. Still got some heavy levelling to do, and some luck with draws :smile:. Those falcons .

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22k… long road ahead of me…


I don’t have Athena!!!


Red 9*

He died before finishing :frowning:



wth line up are you using without athena to pull off 140k in damage?!?!?

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Was Wu Jackal Leonidas Grimm and Delilah


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Zero got 156 000 just recently. He has hit 160k +
Censure/Luran and Epigenetic have gotten over a million total damage in regular and beta play on titans on 10^ for regular play Censure and 14* beta play epigenetic.

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Here is what good luck will get you. 12* purple, Athena Jackal Joon Delilah Wu, no time stops or tornadoes. I haven’t ever had 100K in the regular game. Several people have 60-79K hits on this one. I had a 7K hit later…


I’ve been trying to get away from using Wu on my titan hits, but I guess that’s just not going to happen until I get some new heroes or better heroes.

Some of these threads are old and I wanted a fresh one for a fresh perspective. I want to improve my titan hits and am aware that -def is better than +atk. But I am curious to know how people fare after the titans toughened up.

Preferably people without Athena at all to respond, because I clearly do not have them.

My goal is to regularly do 80-100k if that is even attainable, on 8-9* titans. My best titan score right now is 73090 versus a purple 6*, but I’ve had 45 versus a 9* purple before.

  1. Titan name / star
  2. Score
  3. Team composition
  4. Items used
  5. Good / Mediocre board?
  6. Average score?
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6 star titan
From left to right Grimm wu Kong Cyprian kiril gravemaker
Damage 54.000
Mana potions, arrows and health potions

  1. 10* Fireblade Giant
  2. 115951
  3. Left to right, Alasie, Grimm, Arthur 3/70, Kiril, Wu
  4. mana pots, tornadoes and timestops.
  5. Blue tiles galore!
  6. Dunno what my average is

Did this hit last night.



my friend when you say Arthur 3/70 what do you mean?

His tier and level. Tier 3, level 70. Everyone else is maxed.

So… it IS possible to get 100k+ nice! :slight_smile: Gives me hope.

In fairness, I did spin a couple times for Alaise (and grave, and greg) and got none of those. So, I’m a little short on the blue front. But I did just get my first hero of the month in Drake Bruce Alouicious Lee Fong

I am actually saving items for competing in the events so my titan scores have taken a dip but not by much.

  1. Fighting 10* titans and occasional 11*
  2. Typically score anywhere from 10k-40k
  3. I use Wu Kong on every titan. All of my teams are basically max 4* heroes. Either BT or Kiril as my attack buffer or sometimes replaced them with dragon banners
  4. Saving items so only using minor HP potions, antidotes, bear/turtle/dragon banner, and 1 arrow per titan. When I was using minor potions/axes/more arrows hits were more like 20k-50k.
  5. Mediocre boards get 10-20k good boards 30k+
  6. Current average score is probably 15-20k

Wow…some awesome scores…and your not using the manta potion…great job!! I hope to get to that level soon…

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