So I was thinking of something…

This is the short run down of this:

  • Titans as usable heroes
  • Based on how hard the titan was (stars), would account for what tier hero you receive.
  • Chance to receive SAME titan, but different star count.
  • Power and ability of titan remains the same, but dumbed down to match actual heroes’ powers.
  • Great way for E&P to add more heroes, encourage players to kill titans, and great for a winner to showcase a titan trophy.

Imagine after a certain number of certain titan kills, depending on star count (ie. 3 killed 14 star Thunder Unicorns, 5 killed 10 star Krakens, 20 killed 5 star Goblin Kings), you would have a chance to win them as a hero.

Hero star count would be based on the star count killed AND the type of titan. Killed your three 14 star unicorns and lucky enough to pull the titan? That would be classed under a 5 star hero and have full affect of the titan (dumbed down to fight against heroes obviously.) HOWEVER, these titans can be duplicated under different stars based on what you killed. Won a titan after killing 5* titans? 3 star titan hero. Won him after killing a 8-12* titan? 5 star titan hero. Etc etc.

As far as powers go for a titan hero in your deck I feel should be as follows:

  1. Same powers used for a 3* titan hero as a 5* titan hero but the effects and damage percentage of the power are dumbed down based on star. Example: 5 star deals 200% damage, 4 star deals 180% damage, 3 star deals 150% on full ascension and level.
  2. If the titan hero you pulled from killing a titan that had the ability to reflect damage to that color, your titan hero has the chance to one of two things.
  • Ability to fight that titan of same color WITHOUT being penalized. The attacks of your hero titan can go through and your hero titan will be immune to reflection. This would work only for titan hero and not any other of that color
  • Ability to also reflect damage to same color titans. Note: This will NOT work on heroes.

What do you all think of that? How cool would that be? Is that a possibility from SG to add?

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