Titan Heroes, 3/70 or 4/80? Why?

So in my team there’s always debates about whether tarlak, ares, miki, frida, evelyn, panther, ranvir are worth taking to 4/80 or just leaving at 3/70 since their special skills max at 8/8

Personally I’d max em all but that’s the frowned upon opinion

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

Would like to hear what @Kerridoc and @MantisToboggan think on this

And we’re stringing 14s if that influences an answer one way or the other


IMO its all about the titan your facing…
As far as youre not fighting 11* titans + they can review priorities…
Bit of your thinkimg aboit fighting stronger titans i strongly suggest thoose to be full


For the 14* even with itens some 5* struggle to handle single shots so no doubt abt lvl them… otherwise they will ran out of itens pretty fast


That’s exactly my point of view


5* 4.40?

Tarlak, and Miki, do zero damage with special skill, so tempting to leave at 5* 3.70. But 5* 4.80 is so useful against blue ( Tarlak) and green ( Miki ).

So I would take them at least to 5* 4.40 ( about 75% Hero XP and food but 95% effective, should really do a post with math ).


I agree.

Class nodes also increase Defense/ HP and need 5* 4.80 to use emblems.

5* 4.80

I would definitely take all to 5* 4.80 eventually. But Panther, Tarlak, Ranvir get priority because of their mana speed.


Tarlak is average mana

Ranvir and panther are fast

And it’s more about spending 4* mats or not than it is about the feeders tho valid point about 4/40 if someone is crunched for hams/feeders


And as thoose are mainly for titans tile damage is very important so no doubt about lvling them…
About emblems that is another thing i think they might want to apply emblems to the main war defense team

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Panther and Frida absolutely deserve ascension. They’re not just for titans! Plus Panther’s quite squishy.

The +attack trio (Miki, Tarlak, Ranvir) and Ares are okay at 3/70 until you start in on 14* titans. They should be a high priority for ascension, though, as they can also be very useful on offense (well, I can’t speak too much about Miki in that context, but I often use Ares or Tarlak on offense. (I never bring non-maxed heroes on offense.)

As I’ve observed elsewhere, most people think about offense as all about firing special damage at the foes. A tile-forward approach is also effective (if you know how to set up boards), and heroes like Miki, Tarlak, Ranvir and Ares are all about helping this tile-forward approach. Put them together with some mana-managers (e.g. Onatel, LotL, Hel) and ypu’ll get great results.


Awesome, thanks

Glad I’m not crazy lol

I’m with you on this one, Rigs.

I place just as high of a premium on Titan heroes as war heroes, especially ones that I will use on more than one color of titan (IE: Miki and Ranvir). The big thing for me isn’t just skill level, it’s stack damage. Even if you ignore survivability, people who are keeping them at 3-70 are short changing themselves a lot of damage per tile.

Aside from that, most of the heroes you listed are also good event heroes and have dual purpose there, and Miki and maybe Tarlak are the only ones listed I wouldn’t be eager to take into war (I don’t have Ares so I can’t comment on his war viability in the current meta).

I guess my real question is why wouldn’t you prioritize taking GP, Evelyn, or Frida up to 4-80?? (And for me, Ranvir because I find him useful if not completely reliable in war at 4-80?)


I don’t understand their logic personally

Basically what I’m hearing is they would rather spend more battle items every day than spend mats to max a hero 1 time

I’ve always highly advised titans as priority, all else 2nd, that way there’s never a titan * released you’re not ready for and titan heroes are much fewer than war heroes so have plenty of time and resources to do both and not one or the other


Yeah, I can’t add much to this that hasn’t been said already but I’m in agreement with pretty much everything that’s been said.
If I’m planning on giving a hero a permanent spot in a titan team then I want them at full potential, and 80 levels is a lot of wasted stat potential (and therefore damage) to throw away just in favour of ascending another hero for PvP use, when pretty much any 5* hero is viable for attack and defence in PvP anyway, even before taking into account that most of the titan superstars with the exception of maybe miki, Frida, Arthur and Evelyn are difficult enough to keep alive on 11-14* even at 80

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They should be maxed imo.

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Was comfortable with Miki 3/70 until the 14* showed up. Thankfully had mats and now he’s 4/65.
Even without nados and stops, was getting 45k average whereas at 3/70, he died like Wu.

If you have Miki, I would leave tarlak and ranvir at 3/70. For me not a noticeable drop off using Miki over Tarlak+4 vs green titans.

I took panther and eve to +6, Frida+3 but will get more emblems now that I finished falcon+19


@MantisToboggan so how do you try to improve survival especially with 14*?

I tried mono teams without Wilbur but too often my key hero died early so I’ve been pumping more emblems onto Wilbur.
I admit sometimes I fat finger or forget to look at the titan mana bar but other tips appreciated, thanks.

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Well the 4* with emblems that i have at +20 are…
G. Flacon
Chesire Cat

And as my aliance main focus are the titans and wars the emblemed 5* are (sadly no panter nor arthur/frida nor kunchen, also would like buddy and yellow cat from wonderland and that would finnish my titan dream teams well athena would have a place…)
Isarnia +12
Evelyn +7
Tarlak +7
Yunan +7
Poseidon +5
Alasie +4
Kageburado +7
Mitsuko +4
Mikki wont get any emblems …
No druid/cleric woth emblems so the 3 star get some of them

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If they are 4/80 bombs/axes and banners are enough to keep them alive… i just go mono on green… and reds
Purple, yellow and green 4+ mikki


3.70 is 2nd choice for several utility heroes, if one does not have the mats for them.

At last 4.80+x is the goal for every legend.

Those utility dudes also work @3.70, but 4.80 will be always better.

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