Titan HELP time to Kill

We kill our titans in the last 2 hours, and it seems to slow progression to harder titans

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I note this too
the faster we kill a titan, the faster it rises to star level. But i’m not a expert.
And I only have an excel to follow the arrival of the next titans, the strikes, the number or stars and the power of the titans

That is not my experience, after releasing a titan, we kill the next one in more then 21 hours, yet the next titan’s star went up. I notice that the Titan Score of my alliance was higher than usual at that time.

Just recently my alliance kill 3 straight titan in less than 12 hours, yet the 4th one still have the same star count.

It’s been confirmed that a titan kill will increase titan score by number of stars Γ— 400. Time elapsed do not affect it.

I think this is not what is asked here, @RkHunter seems to look for the connection between Titan Score (Part of Alliance Score) and Titan Star.

69070 - 10β˜†
10β˜† Titan Kill: 400 Γ— 10 = +4000 》 73070
Daily Decrease: 5% Γ— 73416 = -3671 》 69416

69416 - 10β˜†
10β˜† Titan Kill: 400 Γ— 10 = +4000 》 73416
Daily Decrease: 5% Γ— 73416 = -3654 》 69745

69745 - 11β˜†

The OP’s question was multi faceted, I just answered one part of it

Yes titan star can increase randomly even when killing in last two hours and vica versa but I think the general trend is your chances of it not increasing is better

It seems you answer an older question instead of the latest one…

What is your alliance current titan star?

11 right now lol, I think our new natural level is probably going to be 12

Can you post the titan score at its spawn time for the next one?

Ok sure

This is current score pre titan death. Fifteen mins I think before two hours left

The titan is still alive?

68639 after 5% daily decrease, it seems before the current titan appear, the score is 72252

72252 - 11β˜†

Yep that’s right


To research the connection between Titan Score and Titan Star (if any connection exist), only 2 data is needed: titan score (at the exact time when the titan appear) and titan star.

My data:
69070 - 10β˜†
69416 - 10β˜†
69745 - 11β˜†

72252 - 11β˜†

Just defeated

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4400 increase, exactly 11 Γ— 400.

11* again

69387 is 95% of 73039

Exactly the 5% daily decrease.

But that 69387 result in 11β˜†

Yesterday my 69415 result in 10β˜†

How much time have passed between the titan appear and the picture taken?

Could it be that the titan actually appear before daily decrease so it appear while the score is still 73039? :thinking:

My alliance is really founded at 13 October 2018, 12:34 UTC+7 :rofl:

I manage to find out the time when my alliance titan score decrease today: 13:43 UTC+7. I don’t know the exact second but it is between 13:43:00 to 13:43:59 (let just say 44th minute in that hour; NB: 00:00:00 to 00:00:59 is the 1st minute).

I know for sure that my alliance is not founded in the 44th minute because when I joined, the titan appear at 36th minute. I also have a record from 17 December 2018 that the titan appear at 43th minute. As we know that titan cycle is 23 hours with few seconds delay, then there is no way in 2 months, the minute go backward from 44th to 43th.

The only reasonable explanation why the titan score periodic decrease time do not match alliance creation time is processing delay.

It seems to be 6.69 seconds delay which mean in 9 days it will be at 13:44 UTC+7. I will check it in 9 days to confirm it

EDIT: it’s been 25 days and my alliance titan score no longer decrease at 13:43 UTC+7 but at 13:46 UTC+7, confirming the theory.

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Titan Cycle Length: 23 hours 6.85 seconds

At 17 December 2018, the titan appear at 09:42 UTC

If titan appear exactly each 23 hours, today 23 June 2020, the titan should have appear at 07:42 UTC.

However, the titan appear at 08:48 UTC, this is 1 hour 6 minutes late.

Between that time, there are 578 new titan appearances.

1 hour 6 minutes = 3960 seconds

3960 Γ· 578 = 6.85 seconds

Titan Score Periodic Decrease Length: 24 hours 6.69 seconds

The alliance was founded at 13 October 2018, 00:34 UTC

If the alliance score decrease exactly every 24 hours, the score should have decrease at 00:34 today, but it only decrease at 01:43. That is 1 hour 9 minutes delay.

23 June 2020 is 619 days after 13 October 2018.

1 hour 9 minutes = 4140 seconds

4140 Γ· 619 = 6.69 seconds

The processing delay is shorter in alliance titan score daily decrease because the process is only simple calculation as opposed to generating new titan.


And now we just went up from 10* to 11*

We then kill the 11* in 19 hours. But somehow the next one is 12*… just after killing one 11* in 19 hours.

11β˜† Titan Kill: 400 Γ— 11 = +4400 》 74145
Daily Decrease: 5% Γ— 74145 = -3707 》 70438

70438 - 12β˜†
Daily Decrease: 5% Γ— 70438 = -3522 》 66916
12β˜† Titan Escape: 200 Γ— 12 Γ— (1 - (3216274/3960000) = +451 》67367

67367 - 11β˜†
11β˜† Titan Kill: 400 Γ— 11 = +4400 》 71767
Daily Decrease: 5% Γ— 71767 = -3588 》 68179

68179 - 11β˜† (Rare)
11β˜† Rare Titan Kill: 400 Γ— 11 = +4400 》 72579

72579 - 11β˜†
Daily Decrease: 5% Γ— 72579 = -3629 》 68950

HI. I’m adding my collected titan score data Titan Score - Data Project!