Titan Harpoons not registering

Hi all,

Used 5 Harpoons against a titan (5* green Goblin King) and after my flag I realised that the status bar still said 2 harpoon hits in total.

Went back in for a second titan flag, and used another 5 Harpoons to test, and after using my flag titan still says 2 harpoon hits out of a possible 52.

FYI am on the most current app update, and the Harpoons are coming out of my inventory to show I have used 10.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Seems to be deducting the Harpoons from my battle items, crediting me the damage against the titan for each harpoon used, but not changing the total Harpoons used status bar.

Cannot tell if this is just a visual issue (i.e. when the titan is killed it will drop the correct titan parts for amount of Harpoons and is just saying 2 used incorrectly) or whether it would drop no parts because it genuinely believes only two have been used. Will know the answer to that when it dies.


In the end it registered 4 harpoon hits, even though I personally used 10. Loot for hitting first tier of Harpoons didn’t drop, so not just a visual bug?


Question @Davethebearded:

  1. are you sure you used Harpoons not an Axe or Bomb etc…?
  2. Are you sure you ACTUALLY used the items?

Best bet if you’re certain is to launch a support ticket via #contact-support :

Thanks for the help Guvnor!

I felt like I was certain, but going to test on the next titan so I don’t waste anyone’s time with a ticket - posted on here as wondered if others would reply confirming it was happening to them too haha.

Have a good day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Do harpoons only count if they hit a stunned Titan? Not sure about it, just offering a possible solution/explanation.

No. This was a common misconception spread around…

Categorically false.

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Thanks for clearing that up @Guvnor, apologies for spreading the misunderstanding.

All good :slight_smile:

Was very common early on :slight_smile:

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