Titan harpoon gauge?

83 harpoons for the full arsenal of titan parts? Throw all your resources into the titans. How bad is that?

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… even for a full alliance that’s a fair bit of harpooning, on an 8.
I’m guessing a lot of alliances won’t be aiming to max the bar.

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As i know things change outside of Beta sometimes, I intend to test my harpoons as soon as we have some; Why throw 83 harpoons if it only takes 17? :grin:


just hijacking the tread a moment to ask: what happens when harpoons are used on fleeing titan?

That is an excellent question!
We are not yet far enough to have players builing harpoons yet so I do not have a clue either.
My guess (!) would be that you will not get the titanparts.

The text on harpoon gauge says “the better chance you have for gaining Titan Parts from a defeated or an escaped Titan”


Titan Parts are still dropped from a Titan that escapes, though that will affect Loot Tier and the amount of Titan Parts dropped.

Click for details

Tracking of Titan Parts drops per Loot Tier: Titan Parts Loot Tier Drop Tracking – show me your drops


Looking through a few threads on this and can’t see an answer. Why would I want to use 26 harpoons on a single titan to get to the second step on the meter, when I can use 10 on one titan and 10 on the next? Does it bump the odds of higher star drops?

Because you may want to use 26 on every titan and get the second tier parts every day…

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I guess if you are in a alliance with unlimited resources, but for us upper-mid on down, is there a reason to? We will not have an unlimited supply of these.

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I don’t think so. We stop using harpoons as soon as we reach the first tier until more players builds lodge and have resources to craft harpoons.

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Not trying to be offensive, just trying to find out where ppl are in the game. Are you really in an upper-mid? Because at 26 harpoons per Titan, that’s less than 2 harpoons per person per day even if only half of you can make harpoons.
Is 2 harpoons per day that much? I understand the final tier of harpoon usage may be much, but I would think an upper-mid alliance would have 15 members that’s been playing long enough to have already maxed out tc 20 and been waiting on new buildings for a while.
As for large bones, well that was the point of Atlantis rising

Have an alliance member pushing everyone to use harpoons to reach the higher tiers. Seems convinced it increases your chances for the higher * titan parts beyond increasing odds from greater number of parts. I’ve read a lot of threads on the titan parts, but haven’t found anything on this. I looked at the titan parts drop information and it clearly shows titan parts per harpoon go down in the higher tiers. So it’s only worth using more harpoons if the % chance for higher * titan parts really does go up. I seriously doubt that is the case though. I guess that unless someone tracks the actual titan parts themselves with loot tier it will all remain speculation .

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I guess the answer to that would be what you use as a gauge and where you want to draw the lines. I’m the second highest level at 55, but there are a crowd of people just behind me all in their 50’s or upper 40’s. But we also have some in their upper 20’s and 30’s…we are spread out.

We will have to see where this all settles out. Rising chew up a lot of food, and the constant leveling of 5 stars based off the hoard of mats I got is keeping it pretty used up. and leveling advanced buildings is depleting iron - so right now I’m doing about 1 harpoon a day. Some of that will level out - but last time rising keep my food usage high right up until the next rising, and I suspect the same will happen again and again.

Titan parts

There are a limited number of titans drops per year since mercing a titan results in reduced loot. You cannot use titan flasks to increase drops.

So the only way to get more 3* / 4* titan parts for 3* / 4* battle items is to get higher titan loot tier and higher harpoon tiers.

Harpoon tiers do factor in food, and iron, production from Stronghold level 25.

Iron & emblems

Emblems are using a lot of my iron because you cannot hoard iron like you can hoard food but emblems come in chunks since you cannot unlock 1/10 of a node.

Luckily I get an Advanced House Level 3 ( 2 recruits per hour) before six of my 4*+14 Heroes got the last 2 emblems for their next node.

Upgrading mines

You only have 4 mines so upgrading one reduces your iron production by 25%, or more. Since you have 9 farms, upgrading one only reduces your food by 11.11%.

So upgrading my Advanced Mine to level 10
is hampering my iron production.

Stronghold 23

If the Devs follows the current Beta rumors, it will help when Stronghold 23 unlocks Advanced Mine B, so I can alternate upgrading Advanced Mines.


Thanks @Gryphonknight - can you explain this part further?

We had a Titan that got hit with a couple harpoons, but we didn’t reach the first tier for rewards. The hits carried over to the next Titan. I’m assuming hits only carry over in this scenario–when you don’t reach even the first tier?

We had the same scenario where harpoons were used (early on only one person could make them), but they didn’t carry over. Curious?!?! Tagging @Boolz as he seems to have a good understanding of all things to do with titan harpoons :thinking: .

Short answer

We had too much iron. We should never have too much iron, ever again.

Long answer

Click for long answer

Item glut

Devs hate gluts. Usually they mean the game economy is unbalanced. In a perfect game economy, you should never have too much, and never have too little. Too much means not having to plan resources and junk loot. Too little means lost game play and under used sections of game play.


If you look at the Class quests as a template, the largest source of emblems comes from Class quest, often requiring 30 leveled heroes ( 3 from each class ) followed by Challenge events ( see notes ). This causes players to level heroes they would not normally, and forge battle items they would not normally. This was good game econonics. Incentive players to use under used section of the game, like unused Forge Level 17, unused Dragon bones unused Midnight root, under used slow heroes, under used healers, etc.


While very very flawed, Tourneys are another attempt at this sort of economic balance.

Iron glut

There are no perfect game economies. That does not mean Devs do not strive for perfect game economies.

Players had too much iron. Players should never have too much iron, ever again.

Iron sink

When an economy has an over abundance of a single item, the Devs will add a sink. Harpoons, and 5* Battle items, are an iron sink. 5* Battle items, including harpoon tiers, need to plan ahead for Stronghold 25.

Ideally, a moderately active player with Stronghold Level 25, and all buildings at maximum level, should still have to balance their iron use like food use.

By giving harpoon tier 3 an advantage - more titan parts for 3* / 4* battle times - but diminishing returns, players have to balance how they spend their iron.

Unused potential

Currently many, many people have Strongholds without max buildings because the disadvantages to leveling all buildings to Level 20 outweigh the negligible advantages to leveling all buildings to Level 20. This unused potential is a design flaw in the game economy.

This is also lost revenue, since one of VIP Passes main selling points is a second builder. Encouraging players to keep upgrading their Stronghold even with a single builder, needs some incentive in game.

Adding two Advanced Mines Level 10 - more iron production - and two Advanced Iron Storage Level 10 - store more iron, generate more iron loot from the 8 chests - needs to have a reason. By creating iron sinks, you create an incentive to raise all Advanced Mines, and Advanced Iron Storage, to Level 10.

Stronghold 21 bottle neck

I choose to upgrade Advanced House first. I am now trying to convert Hunter’s Lodge ( Gryphonkit, my wife, can be very persuasive ) , but higher priorities - new nodes on talent grid, 4* battle items for class quests, etc. - have temporarily stalled my Lodge. I have actually started raiding for iron to get me past this temporary bottle neck. I have actually started farming for iron.




I just joined a new alliance, so my loot tier will be halved. What effect will this have on titan parts dropping?

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