Titan grades

You tend to get really weird things on a B’s and c’s with Titans sometimes I’ll get a compass for getting A b on a Titan and when I get an A I don’t get crap

Yup. That’s correct. Sometimes I purposely stay at B / C to get good loot

On A & A+ scores you expect to find good loot:
If you find it you think it is the norm and forget.

On B & lower you didn’t expect to find good loot:
If you find it you remind it and think it is a great thing and that you find better loot.

Or you can be like me - getting way more ascension maths via Mystic Vision and Platinum chests…

Titan grades denote how many rolls you get on the RNG for an ascension item.

A+ is the best, but it doesn’t mean you’ll get anything valuable. 3x Daggers or 3x Compasses are the same 3 rolls you get, with Compasses being with extremely low chance compared to Daggers :wink:

AFAIK a 6* titan A gets you 3 rolls; A+ is also 3 rolls.

6* A gives you Loot VIII and 2 rolls if I am not mistaken. You get 3 rolls for mats beginning from Loot tier IX. And A+ grants titanlevel +3, A level +2, B level +1 and at C your loottier is as high as titan level. So Titan 6*:
A+=tier 9 (3 rolls)
A=8 (2 rolls)
B=7 (2 rolls)
C=6 (2 rolls)

And the higher the titan the better the % for the rolls. But I‘m not sure for this. It is just something that high level player reported. But it makes sense that loot tier 12 has better odds than tier 9 for example. Although they have the same number of rolls.

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