Titan Goodies rarity

Is it safe to assume that higher level titans yield BETTER or more rare items once defeated?
ALSO…the grade you receive also earns better items?

Right. The odds of getting better items is higher in higher Titan loot tiers.

The loot tier you earn is a combination of the Titan * rating and your letter grade. C grade gets loot tier equal to the Titan level; B, one higher tier; A, two; A+, three.

Each loot tier has a fixed formula of how many items of what sort are included. Below tier 9, there are two ascension materials, which could be anything from a practice sword to mystic rings. Tier 9 and above gets three ascension mats. This is a key breakpoint, since it suddenly increases your odds of getting something rare by 50%.

Each slot is also more likely to give you something good at higher tiers. While you’re likely to get a practice sword or strong rope at any level, the odds of getting rare mats rises with the loot tier.


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But yes, higher you go, better you do, the more chances of ascension items. It’s still luck based, but you’re getting more chances.