Titan glitch

I can’t report an issue I came across
I was fighting titan and game glitch and I end up with zero pointsScreenshot_20180616-004414 it happened about 12:40 Am -5:00 GMT

I will post my question here as after searching everywhere i can’t find a start new post tab anywhere.

My question is; when training it says it takes 15 minutes which in my books is 4 an hour. I have 15 to 20 training in 2 camps and one says 3 days and the other 2 days.

I’ve been only getting 2 or 3 trainers a day from it for the 3 or 4 days.

What’s up eith this problem and can it be fixed please.


I have Titan Glitch too, frezed very rare, contection its fine, and FOR MOTHER OF GOD WHERE ITS THE OPTION TO POST A NEW TREAD?


I was just about to kill a rare titan and the system glitched and I ended up witwith zero points!!!

SG has huge problems with servers but they even are not able to admit it. People all the time complaining that their connection is good just E&P app has problems. But SG says, no, you have problems :smiley: Their customer service is very very bad. In forums they are selective, mostly answering only to “right” people. Accept it or leave the game.

In SG’s defence many problems with the game on phones actually do come from a phone issue but the problem is if SG was to tell you that you wouldn’t believe them.

Here are some examples of issues that can casue game problems;

  1. either your memory is nearing full so the game can’t manoeuvre properly and can also freeze.

  2. you have updated or downloaded an app that interferes with the game

  3. you have too many things going on in the background

  4. new phones updates no longer agree with the game

  5. Your using it during your service providers peek period and it’s slowing your internet down

These would be the main issues which would cause your game to play up and since there are such a vast array of phones/tablets etc it’s impossible for the SG team to know exactly what is causing your clich just by receiving a post here.

I use an S8+ and it never had issues, my sons use older phones and although one has no issues so far the other son seems to last a week then starts having issues, after lookingvat it myself I found his internal memory isn’t very large so he deletes the game and a it’s saved data and then reinstalls it, solves the problem but he loses nothing he’s done in the game so he just continues ad if nothing happened.

My misses had an issue and hers was 2 bew apps she installed which asked for permissions but those permissions interfered with the game so remove those apps and voila the problem is fixed.

Admittedly I do work with pc’s and websites which gives me an advantage over most people to understanding before putting blame on (in this case) SG. I deal with a lot of people that have issues and until I sit down with them and explain how things work they also where putting blame in wrong areas thus never solving the real issue.

I hope this helps at least some of you before coming here cursing at SG for what they can do nothing about.


I too had a Titan glitch which kicked me before I could do any damage is there a way to get the lost back?

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