Titan flasks

Please make them more readily available! (Yes, I am aware of other people asking for this… I figured I’d bring it up again, using the theory of “more likely to be noticed.”) I bagged 6 WE flasks and 2-3 raid energy flasks from the challenge event, and I have lots. I need titan flasks, and so does literally every member of my alliance. Hook us up!

Be aware that there are plenty of players out there having literally hundreds of titan flasks already collecting dust in their inventory. In my opinion there is no need to further increase the drop rate of those flasks - at least not without offering a solution so that they are worth it (eg bigger titans, exchange for food etc).

By the way, if you and your alliance mates are in need of titan more flasks, it might indicate that your alliance kills too big titans. Maybe a better management of the existing ressources and attacks might help. :wink:


Right now our biggest problem is we have a number of otherwise active people who don’t hit titans. I dont get it… easiest and best rewards in the game.

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This sounds like an alliance issue more than a lack of flasks issue…

If you have members who aren’t hitting your titan I would suggest that maybe you either a) need to find a new alliance (one which DOES consistently hit the titan) or b) find new alliance members.


I don’t think the poster was referring to lack of Titan flasks for an alliance to hit titans. I agree with him, they are rarely dropped. You should be able to purchase Titan flasks in the store. And I’m not referring to the flasks offer for 1200 gems. Small alliances, need more items.

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titan flasks are normally used when:
1- it is too late to skip the titan and too many resources put in the titan to skip so some members push to kill it with a flask or two (depending on the situation and alliance)

2- a player missed out using normal titan hits and use a flask or two to keep up the lost damage (again, depends on the alliance and situation)

if too many flasks are used it means the titan level is too high for the alliance or some members don’t do the expected damage consistently.

i agree they are rare to get but they are rarely used anyway,. i prefer having more world energy flasks to drop more instead


I agreed with Guvnor, it seem that you ether need a new alliance or new players or drop the titan level to be able to killed without a flask,

If you are using titan flask every time then you may need to scale back and hit the titans you normally don’t need flasks for, or members are just being active but are not attacking titans or participating in war. Which I would very much like a way for non attackers with titans be able to opt out atleast or something!

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Yeah, that’s the thing, I rarely use them. And they still drop very scarcely for me.

Now, I will admit our participation rate against titans sucks… and frankly, either my alliance does something about nonparticipating members or I need to find a new one, and I like most of the chaps we have. I just don’t get it. Titans are quicker than raids, and the rewards are solid.

In my experience, the players who don’t hit the titan often or at all, often make it a habit.

It’s a tough decision, but you may want to strongly consider leaving your current alliance sooner instead of later.

You can always try talking to your alliance leader with your concerns. Just sharing my experience: In the past, an old alliance leader tried to address my concerns about titan slackers. It didn’t work out, and in hindsight I should have just left at that time.


I only use Titan flasks when I go mercing to collect ham. So more flasks =more ham, I like the idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Only problem is, I get every month more flasks than I can use, so maybe more flasks won’t help.

All the useful things about Titan size and flask usage are already said, can only agree with them.


I’m a leader in my alliance and understand the frustration. We always try to keep in mind that this is a game and RL is more important. Unfortunately as a leader we have to make calls that is going to make people upset. I will say I kinda wish to have more flags or a shorter regeneration time for titan flags.


getting a stock pile of titan flasks… must be nice… they seem to be just as rare as 5* ascension material and the massive amount of emblems needed to level up any of my 5* heroes

Would like to see Titan energy flasks become a regular reward. We get World and Raid energy frequently why not Titan?

Could also use a telescope for ascension as a prize as well have hearts that are stuck because I cannot get the needed materials without paying $100 for just one along with other stuff I am not looking for.

Titan flask is a regular reward. You have 1/3 chance to get it. Truly, recently I’m getting mostly titan flask, but three months back I didn’t receive any for 4-5 weeks. So everything is about luck (odds).


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