Titan flask bug

I just flasked for a titan and I had 4 min for a new titan flag. When I flasked it reset the titan flag timer. That’s bs. A flask is for full flags not a reset.

When you flask, your flags fill, and there is no timer. When you then use one of your 3 flags, the timer begins. That’s not a bug. You should have waited 4 minutes, used your flag, and then flasked.


Well, why have a timer then? If you get a flag every four hours, then it shouldn’t matter when you flask. A flask gives 3 flags. Period. It shouldn’t be a timer reset.

So when your titan flags get full normally what happens? Does the timer keep going?

The flask just instantly fills your flag-bank up… Can’t keep regenerating more than 3 flags so why would the timer continue?

The titan flask says, “titan energy fully replenished.” It doesn’t state that it resets the timer. What’s the material difference between waiting 4 min and then flasking, or flasking and using the hits then 4 min later you get a flag? There’s still 4 hits there within 4 minutes. I’m just saying that it’s misleading to have a timer, but it resets if you flask.

It’s not misleading…

As I said, when your titan flags normally fill up, what happens to the timer? it stops & disappears…

The timer starts the second you use the first of your three flags…

Exactly the same thing happens when you use a flask.

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I get that, but it would make sense to have the timer keep counting, but you could never have more than 3 flags at once. I.e. if I flasked and didn’t use a hit before the 4 min was up, I wouldn’t get 4 and the timer would reset once used from there. That’s all.

Ok, well you can make that a #ideas-feature-requests but for the now it doesn’t count as a #bugs-issues seeing as it is working as intended…

The flask fills the flag bank. When the flag bank is full the timer stops. Same as if it fills normally. Flask just accelerates the regeneration.

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Same thing happens with a raid flask. Or a world energy flask.


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