Titan Flag Refill Time and Max # flags


So with the new 1.5 version coming out, is there going to be an increase the number of Titan flags? Currently it takes 16 hours of time to fill the flag limit. When you change the time to 4 hour refill, some people will lose time if you only get 3 flags total.

My opinion should be to let the max Titan flags be 4. This increase will be close to par with the total flag time to refill (18 hours refill time now vs. 16 hours refill time in 1.5).

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May it be so! :smile:

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Well im seeing 3/3 Flags post update, so it looks like they refill faster but have the same max. We’ll have a better feel for how this plays out after maybe a few days to get used to the new Titan HP lvls.

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Need to up the capacity of alliance energy to at least 4,maybe even 5.
As leader of an alliance I see that quite a large percentage of my players only play for a few hours a day(I imagine it’s after work)and as a result ,only get to hit the titan 3 or 4 times,this didn’t matter pre-update as it was enough as a group to take down our 7* titans.however as titan energy was also increased to reflect more available hits,we are now struggling to kill them off ,even as our average damage increases

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Also doesn’t help that they increase the total health of all titans. We do need a higher maximum titan flag amount.

Oh please oh please can we have four flags? Just 'cause? :laughing:

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Ok this has been discussed a million times over! Come on WE need some titan options weather it be gems or resources to get more flags. I completely understand making it fair to all in an alliance. Quite frankly I have my owne alliance and everyone has the same issue.we aren’t greedy and keep lower level family down. I’m sure there is a way to make it fair.

Just remove the time and people will spend more time attacking with strategy instead of moving wherever. Limiting the amount of attacks sounds much better than being timed.

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I’m not in favor of either personally; sometimes best / fastest move is appropriate on titan but not always… the time limit adds something different into game, otherwise it’s just map redux. No thanks.

More energy, oh please please please no. The consumable situation at 9/10* titans is AWFUL, flatly AWFUL; more energy means more HP which means more fights, which means more consumables, and right now the situation is simply terrible short of buying lots of world energy for farming and that sucks as a solution.

I have a lot of data to integrate into a secondary dataset for some choice low level consumables, but I know the situation is wretched just anecdotally.

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3 flags at 4 hours per flag is 12 hours. Are you saying that most of your alliance is busy for more than 12 hours at a time and cannot use their flags? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It is supposed to be a competition. Who can kill the highest titans with limited energy. What is the point if everyone has unlimited attacks.

There is one option to do, you can buy the flask deal for 1500 gems and get 3 alliance energy flasks.


I like the idea of removing the timer and letting the titan kill you. It’s the only area of the game where I feel time pressure; I like being able to relax and strategize in the other areas of the game.

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Well with enough healing the titan would never kill you so titan fights would last forever and get really easy with a strong enough team.


Frankly i like the way it is.

Just look it in a different way! It’s good exercise for the monthly event.


In my opinion I think that it would be better to have 4 titian flags every 12 hours instead of 3. Thanks


Heya Bigdaddy1,

We used to have 2 titan flags every 12 hrs. When they changed it to get a new flag every 4 hours instead of 6 hours they also heavily increased the hitpoints of the titans to compensate.

As a result, almost all alliances had to drop titans because they couldn’t take down their normal level anymore. Also people had to use a lot more items (because more hits), so it increased the item shortage.

I also like more titan hits :smiley: but it comes with a lot of side effects that should be taken into consideration :wink:


If they actually fix the consumable situation then maybe; I suspect if we polled the entire player base though it wouldn’t be received well when it’s really thought through.

Most alliances aren’t Mixed Nuts with heavy mercing where more flags = more loot, or conversely another top alliance where killing 10*'s takes consumables every single flag, and it starts getting old fast when you feel like you have to login more frequently for a titan.

It sounds like a lovely idea in theory but in reality bleh.

Just as a curiosity question, if they gave more frequent flags in exchange for really fixing mercing would you take it?

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I don’t really merc anymore, so guess it doesn’t matter much for me personally between the two.

I like what mercing brings to the game, didn’t really get much more loot the last couple of times I did it - I actually get better loot hitting an escaping 10* titan.

Would be against more flags if they didn’t fix the consumables, I’m already short on items as is. Also agree that even in one of the top alliances it is difficult plenty to get people to log on enough. Realistically for the alliance and the game i don’t think it would be a good step, it is just purely that i like the game mode that I’d be happy to do it more :wink: So I’d probably be more for a free practice titan mode, where I can just play on time against a titan rather than more titan flags and all the consequences.

So to answer your question (I guess I do have a preference), no :rofl:


I would rather see total energy increase from 3 to 4. Let’s say I go sleep on Friday and there is 20 minutes until next point (1/3). Sux to wait 20 more minutes or risk that I will sleep more than 8 hours and 20 minutes when my energy is already 3/3. With 4 points I could sleep 12 hours no problem :beers: :sleeping_bed: :bath: :ramen: :video_game:

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I’d rather they cut it back to 1 per 8 hours if that is the concern… which incidentally puts it back to the way it was before.

Addresses the potential merc loot issue more adroitly than a heavy handed solution would, and addresses the consumable dumpster fire at the high end of titan battles too.