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Hi all.

Aswe all know and would like to have is access to more titan flags, I think every can agree on this point. Titan is great but the problem is the time differance between getting titan flags replenished and the time given before the titan ends is to big and I see players in the chat rooms almost begging for help everyday. 1 flag every 4hrs is still a bit extreme.

3 suggestions here as either or both would work and I feel would also be acceptable by everyone.

  1. make it so we can buy titan flasks, we can already buy energy and raid flasks so why not titan.

  2. have it do can exchange (for example) 20 energy flags for a titan flag OR 3 raid flags for a titan flag.

  3. 3 titans every 12hrs isn’t much to play with when there are on chances of accessing refills so maybe even reducing it by at least an hour to 3 would make it 4 in 12hrs allowing a full allience 30 extra titans. Working it out on 12hrs only because I’m presuming people sleep at some point even gamers,lol.

If you agree you should place your VOTE on this as with some luck majority rules (we hope) and something (even if only one option ) may be looked into being implemented.


Thanks for reading devs!

I kind of agree to you but in same time not. I think currently we have some kind of balance. More titan energies or even worse availability to by titan energy will lead to problem. Developers have to make more stronger titans or increase health to current titans. In my opinion better is to go different way, to look for some other entertainment. Some extra mini game etc.


Not sure what you mean by mini game, but lets say for example they could create a new challenge say for 10 energy flags to play a battle for a new titan flag.

Notice ( including in my original comment ) I am saying flag not flask.

What I have noticed is a lot of people give up on them because asvthey get biggervthey become unattainable thus the pleading for help in chat rooms, it’s also become the case for allience leaders to boot a member out (mostly without warning or reason) just fit one new member with full titan hits which makes things very umfriendly causing unnecessary issues between players just to complete a titan round.

This is just a game which is meant to he fun for all and I presume not meant to be a hostile invirament csused by the devs of this game for making things unachievable to most.

I understand your want for more attacks, however all this will do is just use precious items more quickly. They already increased the number of titan flags awhile ago, at the same time raising titans hp etc. So although attacking titans is fun, more flags are not worth the trade off imo.

If the alliance leader is kicking active players just to let in another hitter, you need a new alliance


The reason we have people asking for help in killing titans is because that titan is too high for their allience to kill. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to ask for help, or that the alliences who do are weak. I’m just saying that the flags are not the issue and thus increasing them will not eliminate the requests for help—it’ll only increase the star titans people are asking for help with. As long as mercenaries are allowed in the game there WILL be people asking for help on titans. It’s just one small part of what makes this a great game; people helping people.

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Well I guess that is another way of looking at it and as I understand what it is your saying and agreeing with you to dome extent, why not at least make flasks available for sale like energy and raid flasks then at least it costs gems which increases purchases at the same time as I am sure players will buy them more often than the other flasks and this will make up the difference in receiving rewards.

As you say it would increase the number of star titans quicker in which they will need to attack but when you think about it it would become a never ending circle of stronger titans means spend more gems, players get more hits which is what some want and SG makes more money.
300/500 gems per flask sounds like a good trade off for keeping players playing and happy.

As for alliances kicking members out, I agree they are weak.

I didn’t mean to imply that I’m against putting titan flasks for sale. I have no idea if there would be any negative consequences because, as you said, the cost of purchasing them to keep up with the titans would be huge.

Maybe it would be a problem of wealthy people being in the top of every allience, making it that much more difficult for us non wealthy to get ascension items?

Maybe it would be a problem of wealthy-only alliences that will require their members to always use a flask—but then that’s their choice to join an alliance like that or not.

Then the only thing i can think of is that it could have a great impact on titan scores. I don’t really know what titan scores do in the game, but i can see it causing some unbalance there.

300-500 would be too much in my opinion; it’d outprice them for anyone not super rich. The normal 100 is already overpriced for the other two flasks so i think that or 150 should be sufficient.

When you say titan score do you mean the totsl score needed to kill the titan or the allience score as a team. Either way as this game in general has now resulting end benefits or rewards for doing great I dout that any affects in scores makes much difference to anything other than from what I have seen/noticed and I may be wrong here the next titans score to beat will either increase or decrease depending on weather you defeated it or if it escaped thus affecting what you win and that needn’t change just because you purchased a flask for more hits as the difference is made up in the income of that flask.

As for the cost as you stated, my reasoning for the higher cost flasks is to overcome any issues which may result in over use and abuse. But having said that, if you titans are getting bigger (stronger eith more stars) because you always defeat them and the cause of that is you keep buying titan flasks then isn’t that what this game is all about for SG owners in the long run, in my eyes as a businessman it’s nothing less than a win win for the SG company and all players are happy because they get want they want which is more/extra titan wins.

All I kerp hearing on here when it comes to want to improve is spend more money to get there quicker and yet they can’t see the potential of the money these titan flask would bring them in the long run so why counter act that with (as I keep hearing ) changing anything about or with the titan.

I don’t know as a businessman I see opportunities to make money and keep players interested not ways or excuses not to.

I was referring to the alliance’s titan score. I agree SG can make some money off titan flasks—especially when an alliance is up against a rare titan. But to make those flasks so outrageously priced would mean only the very wealthy could afford them. Buying the lowest available gem purchase costs me $5—and that’s only for 400 gems and I’m an American, which I’ve heard gets the cheapest gems.

I would never spend $5 on a titan flask, not even for a rare titan. That’s why I suggested 100-150 gems. It’s much more reasonable for those of us who aren’t made of money.

Have to agree with you there. 400 gems costs me 8$ so I understand where your coming from so yes then 150/200 would make more sense.

Instead of 4 hours 3 hours would be way more fun. Any less would probably never happen.

Please search before posting :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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