Titan fights to be the best

I know it was in here before but can’t find it.
The thing that my alliance send to agree on is when you fight the Titan and get first you get less stuff then the people 5th and down. We try to beat to be in first but most of us good hitters don’t want to be up that far because of not getting acending items.
So why not compete to be in first and give them the best stuff. Competition is good and then the others will try harder to get better heros to be in 1st to 5th. Make it fair for all not just the strongest one

They call it “the A+ curse” and all the answers you are going to get go something like this:

  • It’s RNG
  • It’s all about chances and probability
  • The whole game is a gamble
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

The fact is that in events you finish in first place and get the best loot… In titans and AW you end first and this guarantees absolutely nothing :man_shrugging:

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