Titan Fights - Questions and Community Feedback!


This is terrible are you doing something to my game

An Open Letter to the Devs Regarding Mercs

That is with this team


Why aren’t you using any Health pots? What if BoldTusk doesn’t fire?


I would say this is a poor set up for attacking a Titan. Review your equipment and rethink what you are doing.


I don’t use those items for titan


I use dragon banners turtle banners
Large mana and health potions
And axes or bombs


If you are using the same team you used on lower star titan and have not upgraded your team ya yiu are going to have a lower hit point on a higher star titan you need to improve your team to take on sttonger titan or your hit points will be lower then when you where hitting lower star titan


Perhaps a bit late for you Slayin, but wanted to mention for others that read this post later. Dragon banners and Turtle banners - the defence bonus will not stack (haven’t since version 1.4). The last one used will be the only defence buff that is active. For that matter, if you have a boost from boldtusk of +48% attack power and then fire off a dragon banner you will lose Boldtusk’s boost and only have the amount from the dragon banner.


But Arrows and Dragon Banners will still stack, yes? Because they are different types?


I prefer using the word ‘concurrent’, because to me stacking always meant adding, and bonuses of different types don’t really add together.

But yes, arrows and Dragon banners can both be active at the same time.