Titan fighting

I need help scoring points against titans

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Got deck pics?..

If you want some help its better to give us a hint like:

Titan stars
availabe heroes

The formula is going full mono but 4-1 works fine if (4 of the color that is strong against the titan) and one that boost the atk (wu kong, tarlak, miki, ravnir…)

The idea is to bring the following heroes.r

def / elemental def down
atk booster ( note that some atk boost stack together like bolstusk and wu kong)
Atk down for titan (optional)
Here you can bring elemental link heroes, crit boosters, def up for team …

That is the general idea, remember to stack colors against the titan and bring heroes with high attack stat in the mix.

Forge related.
Mana pots to charge your def down or atk booster heroes. If you get a very good board use the pots or if you are drawing in mana pots you can use every fight but i prefer to use it wisely.

arrows to blind the titan (probabily of missing when he attacks )
Tornadoes to shift a bad board
time stops to prevent the titan from attacking you.


Or searching titan strategies. There’s a bunch there. Here’s an example.

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To add to what @Lexxtarc said…

Sometimes you’re just in over your head and perhaps may need to step down to a lower alliance… or just deal with crappy scores until you can beef up your dEck a little… and that just takes patience.

But please post pics so we can give some advice on team structure and potential ways you can improve. :slight_smile:


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On topic- Search existing threads. Screenshot your heroes. Probably go mono in the titan’s weak color (depending on your heroes). Bring antidotes for certain titans (depending on what star titan you’re at). Arrows are your friend. Stun as often as possible unless you see another really good damage move (like making a diamond in your mono color).


I figured asking for or offering vids might be a little much. :woman_shrugging:

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I think this is army for purple titans I was just wondering which items I could use for max damage

I use green flag tornado Mana flask and harpoon in that order firing left to right.