Titan fight - time bonus tiles and attack boost features

Everyone have experienced the boredom of fighting the same titan over and over when the alliance reach a plateau in power development.
The power of the titans is adjusted to the current alliance strength but it’s always frustrating not making a decent score due to the time limitation.

I am proposing a time tiles that when matched extend 5 seconds more during the titan fight and attack boost when stunning the titan more than once in consequential moves. The attack is stacked over current buffs. The attack boost is removed if the next match move doesn’t stun the titan.

Those features are somehow stolen from the good old Bejeweled 2 Blitz Mode but I am pretty sure they are not subject to copyright :slight_smile:

This could make titan fights more exciting - don’t you think?

The stun part i think is sorta already done

Any match that stuns the titan does the damage of “critical hits”

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Except if you are stunning with missing hero tiles :slight_smile:

The idea is to add another layer of excitement and a chance for better score.
You know titan flags are very costly - 1 per 4 hours, just to end with mediocre score due to random tiles.
This new layer would honor the player skills … to some extent.

Hmm i guess

That was all about i had to throw in as far as thoughts

I’m neither for nor against the idea

I don’t have a strong interest in titans anymore