Titan fight - live status - who ist fighting?



Hello community,

I want a feature that will show me how is currently fighting with the titan … like an live info e.g. tab “?” and I will see who ist currently fighting with which time left.

With this feature we can plan the fights to the end at the titan, that no one fight at the same time til the titan dies.

Best Regards


Very solid idea. We try to “call out” hits when we’re at the end of a titan, but even then it’s not uncommon for two or three people to be taking down the titan when one would have done. A waste of flags.


That would be helpful! I fear it’s something we’re going to have to do without for a while. I wander and visit new and old friends in the game, and I do know it’s a pleasure to see the communication in some alliances as titans get down to their final moments.


Hi. One of my alliance players observed that if there are several persons attacking the titan at the same time, there is a solid chance to have a bad table, no moves, thus a low score…Any ideas or info on this?