Titan Feature on Main Screen

I have a suggestion, add a new feature on the main screen, above raids and quests with a titan feature, so you can go straight to the titan. They could develop a world where the titans lie, it would be fun, then you could see where you are and what titans are ahead or behind… many features could be added to this page. Maybe we can only see our titan and the others are hidden or darkened so we can’t really see the next one.

I understand the titans show up on season 1 map, i have been farming a lot on season 2 though and wonder if we will ever get a titan on that map as well?

Instead of too much clicking, map, changing from season 2 to 1 and going for the titan i’d suggest adding the titan feature on main screen.
It would be faster… and since all rare items are found on titans/quests/raid (chests) it would make sense to access all of them from the main screen. Just a suggestion!

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Sounds like a good idea :slightly_smiling_face::+1: