Titan - fail or defeated

There is a problem. From about 2 weeks titans are defeated but their status is “fail”, even though titan was defeated. Only when titan escaped us then status “escaped” is correct. This problem has all my group - alliance.

Jest problem. Od około 2 tygodni tytani są pokonywani ale ich status jest “porażka”, mimo że tytan jest pokonany. Tylko gdy tytan nam uciekł wtedy jest poprawny status “uciekł”. Ten problem ma cała moja grupa - sojusz.

It’s written there “[System] Tytan został pokonany” (eng.: “[System] The Titan was defeated”). But above on the picture is “porażka” (eng.: “fail”).

The English words are ‘defeated’ and ‘escaped’. ‘Defeated’ means the titan was defeated, not the alliance. From what you said porażka/fail seems closer to me to ‘defeated’ than ‘escaped’.

Do you have a screenshot with rewards from a defeated titan? We could check if they’re correct.

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The loot shows that you defeated the titan (see loot tier threads on forum, cant link atm).

Basically when you defeat titan your rank + *lvl of titan determines your loot tier.

Rank A gives +2, rank A+ gives +3. Your titans were 3* so that seems to work fine.

This only works if the titan dies, if it escapes then the loot tiers all get -3 i believe. So an A+ grade on a 3* escape would be loot tier 3 (if Im not mistaken, been a while since ive seen this).

My guess is that its just a mistranslation and that nothing else is wrong :slight_smile:

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I think the mistranslation is precisely the point that @BialaOrlica is making. Gotta be pretty annoying to beat the Titan then have ‘FAILURE!’ pop up. That would harsh my dopamine buzz.

My bad, i read it as it being a bug and not registrering as a kill!

So, with game everything is OK but it’s just a mistake in the translation. Strange, because earlier was without mistake. But good to know. I thought, something happened with game or something… but now I know and thank you so much for help and patience :slight_smile:

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