Titan extra damage

Titan had about 30k health left when two member attacked at the same time but they both have more than the actual.

Have you checked with them that they really have attacked at the same time? Sometimes I have seen it that it took some minutes till the score is shown on the board.

I was with them while thay are attacking and also
As you can see from the total damages there is a difference beetwen
Titan health : 2.156.000
Total damages: 2.180.641

Actually on Sunday I hit the titan and was 7800 short of killing it the next person attacked about 15 minutes later and there score was 25k.
I didn’t get a screen shot as didn’t think much of it at the time.
Even though the titan is dead maybe your attack Carrys on still for the whole 1.30 ??

If both were playing at the same time it would be unfair to ignore the damage that one of them did, so the game gives credit to both. Doesn’t it work like that? It would make sense to me.

The titan attack probably takes place on your own phone and the results are transmitted after the battle, if the attack ran real time on a server it would make it very slow.


And both can achieve a kill?

I suppose. A titan kill is only a statistic anyway.

Ive had it before where another team member and myself attacked and killed a titan at the same time. While both getting equal number of damage neither of us registered the kill shot.

What the op I think is saying the titan had 30k left and if you see by the first s/s someone hit for 25k then the next 30k. Making it 55k. Titan only had 30k the persons score after the 25k should only be 5k not 30k ??? :woman_shrugging:

It takes into account the amount of damage you did, not the amount of health you removed

If that makes sense

If you do a combo that does more damage than the remaining health of the titan, you still get credit for the damage

It’s using damage formula to calculate your score which if i recall correctly does not take into account the amount of health a target has

Same reason you can snipe a hero with 1 health but much bigger number appears for the damage you did

Actually I don’t think that’s true for the killshot. In my experience if I’m the sole attacker my titan score will be the exact amount of health the titan had left. A last hit of 9k extra with tiles won’t show up in my total.

In this case both attacked while the titan had 30458 health left and the one with the lesser hit finished first. Like a last hit in war where the timer ends it will wait until everyone is done attacking before calculating points and it will do the same with titan hits, wait until everyone is done. In this case the extra damage over its total is 24641 damage, which is exactly how much damage the first attacker did. The killshot probably went to the last attacker for this titan.

That’s not always the case though. If the one attacking slightly later does more damage faster so that they end the battle earlier because of reaching the amount needed for the killshot the actual kill may go anywhere. Either of them, no one or both. Not really sure about the last part, current patch may have it consistent for every case but since I don’t really care about the killshot statistic I haven’t researched that at all. Historically I’ve seen for myself that I’ve had some mixed results or misinterpreted the order of attacks made. Think I’ve even seen the total health adjusted mid fight but since I didn’t record it my memory may place tricks on me. Like ‘Did it die now? I’m sure it had more when I attacked?’ Or possibly I stayed too long while switching battle items before the attack and it had updated its health just some seconds before my attack.

Normally I try to avoid the killshot, waste of damage done and it may be a chance for another member to move up a rank if they are close.

If they hit at the same time they start both with Titan HP 30k. Then complete their fight and get the complete damage counted they made even if the total damage is more than HP Titan had before fights started. Normal to me and no bug. Never experienced that Titan dies during an active fight because someone else killed him.
That’s why many alliances ensure that not several members are fighting titan in the end phase.

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