Titan Event Log - duplication of attacks


Live, IOS 1.8.1 build 244

Saw this yesterday in game, was early in the spawn time so nearly 22h (21:45 would be the best estimate I can make) 9:40 AM PDT on 11/20/17. Seven Days Departed alliance.

One attack was duplicated (to a total of 3 times) in game on the display: exact same damage and exact same timestamp.

I think though I didn’t record this explicitly, that two slightly later attacks (a flask was used) were reported as this attack repeatedly. It did not affect the score, and a client application kill and restart corrected the issue. @loorts has seen it as well on a difference occurrence in his alliance, and might be able to add some more information.

I’m sorry I documented this badly: I have pictures posting the duplicate attacks, and I don’t recall there being hits after that, and then I can just barely make out the at the back end of the event log the real attacks.


Corrected attacks (sorry best I can do after the fact):


I’m fairly certain that they were just added and didn’t replace any other attacks (believe that single hit of mine showed up 3 times but my other 2 hits were still on the log as well).

Also lacking in proof though, didn’t even take a screenshot :sweat_smile: It was also on a purple onyx titan though, maybe that has something to do with it?

I will keep a closer watch on the event log for a while to see if i can catch it again.


I’ll see if I can find a pic that was sent to me. Apparently I had hits recorded when I hadn’t made any attacks on the titan!
It was Onyx dragon as well…