Titan energy wait time changed from 3 hrs to 4 hrs


Has anybody else noticed a change in there down time for the attack energy on titan changed , this morning for me it was only 3 hr down time per energy unit refill , but when i signed in a little bit ago my wait time has now increase to around 4 hrs per unit. last night my counter even stopped counting down for about 90 mins i hit a titan at 8:30 came back about 10 pm and found my timer just sitting still at 3 hr mark. also found that the titan appearance counter was different when i signed out little after 9 the counter said next titan should appear in about 20 mins. when i signed in at ten the timer had changed to titan will appear in an hour. and darn game reset 4 times on me right in the middle of boss battles so i lost everything i had gained. i hope they will get this fixed and not become like legends of honor did and abandon us


AFAIK, Titan attack energy down time has been 4 hours since the last major version change. (This was reduced from 6 hours, previously.)

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