Titan energy refills with gems

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There was some topics created but nothing useful for vote.

My suggestion is to put titan refill in resource with cost of 300 gems.

Also way don’t we get titan flask every time we open titan chest. To help us even more way don’t we get titan flask every time titan is defeated or better when we finish in A or A+ tier?

What’s up with holding us down with titan energy.

High level Titans are the best way of getting ascension materials.

If you made titan energy frequently purchasable, it would push the game further towards P2W.

I’d love to hit the titan more often, and better, but partly it’s a question of balance.

They could just increase the recharge rate of titan flags and that would move us all a little further towards materials.


Lo de poner la recarga en el recurso estaria bueno pero no a 300 gemas ya q para muchos es dificil juntar esa cantidad lo pondria en 150 gemas x 1 recarga estaria bien
Y tambien tendrian q dar una recarga de titan cuando llenas el cofre de los 5 titanes

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Ok, but way not to allow people in alliances who are c2p to buy refills and don’t let titans go.

If the titans are gone nobody gets anything useful at least by that big c2p can finish it for all other.

My alliance has a problem with finishing 9* titans and same players are always top 5. This is way I asked way not c2p buy titan energy.

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Even escaped titans can drop loot.

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En eso tenes razon pero aveses es bueno q te den 1 recarga en mi alianza guardamos las recargas para los titanes raros ahora tratamls de avansar estamos con titanes de 9* lo bueno esq todos atacan y las posiciones siempren varian nunca son los mismos los q quedan primeros pero con la recarga tendrian q dar 1 cada ves q abris el cofre de titan ami hace meses q no me dan una recarga

I don’t see the point on using a refill on a normal titan you don’t really gain anything from it! If your alliance can’t defeat it with the flags given don’t worry about it let it go and save your flags for the next one! Had to let a 8* snakehead thang go yesterday! In time we will beat 8* easy like we do 7* but we had that problem with 7* a awhile ago progress your heros for better results! Don’t waste flasks on normal titans!

I know it can, but thats one in 1000 to drop something except rope to hang your self. :wink:

Nah, we had a fair share of lost titans and won over 9* a lot of times but it varies by a lot. We have 30 active members but like 15 are still less then 3500tp so they can’t help a lot on bigger titans.

I don’t even get to use all the flags i get now…

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Well see we used to have these things called mercs…

Mientras sean activos activos eso es lo q mas se cuenta lo mejor de todo es jugar y divertirse he insentivar a los de lvl mas bajo a crecer en mi alianza somos 29 y uno de los mas bajos tuvo suerte en atlantis y ya esta creciendo rapido

Anyway you can put that in english?

I would much rather them drop the recharge time from 4 to 3 hours between falgs would give everyone a chance to use a full 6 flags against titans and those who had 3 at the spawn time could potentially hit 10 times.
If the titan lasted that long.

Alright so this goin to sound condescending and a bit snarky

But there are quite a few alliances chaining 12s now

We already dont get to use all the flags we generate as is

And we’ve all made that climb without increased titan energy

So why can’t everyone else?

Titans haven’t changed in a year and plenty of teams have got by just fine with the 4 hr refill timers and the flasks being as scarce as they are.

So now we want to revampe the system due to a few new alliances or casual alliances that cant keep up because they either A. Haven’t put the time in to do so or B. Because they refuse to put the effort in to do so.

Not makin sense to me

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We got 10 members under 3000+ but they will grow and in time be bigger hitters! Sometimes taking a step back isn’t a bad thing! Once they get better things will be better!

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As your alliance gets stronger, it will face higher lvl titans. You’ll have a period where you can’t always kill the titan, so flag management is important. At the 12 hour mark, you have to call off further hits so that everyone has full 3 flags for the next titan.

As for same people finishing top 5, maybe they’re higher lvl players?
Or they have key titan heroes like Miki tarlak?
They use better items like nados, stops, poons?

Mat drops are random, half the time it’s someone with C grade that gets the best items so you can be grateful they’re doing the bulk of the damage to titans.


I got a C the other day

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Looks like my A

Higher tiers = more loot

But doesnt always mean better

Sure more loot can mean more good loot accumulated over time but on a case by case tier vs tier basis, it’s pretty random

Higher tiers can give more rolls at mats but boots chainmail and all the garbage is still considered mats in the current sytem

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