Titan Energy Flasks

How about offering in the shop featured area titan energy only? Like three flasks, a trainer hero and some loot tickets or something for around 500 gems. I don’t need alliance energy. Have a bunch and haven’t went on a killing spree in awhile.

I always skip over the energy drink pack for 1200 gems because of the price and I don’t need the alliance energy.

Alliance energy = titan energy. Do you mean World Energy or Raid Energy?

No. I mean titan energy. I’m not in an alliance. I fight the beasts on my own and have to wait four hours for the next round to finish him off.

AH - they changed the name at some point - titan energy used to be called alliance energy - my bad! Showing my E&P age, haha.

You might be in alliance just by yourself, but you cannot fight titans if you’re not in an alliance. They only show up for alliances.

I do have an alliance with no members. Just me.

right, so you are in an alliance. Just because it’s only you, it’s still an alliance. That’s different from not being in an alliance. That’s why the titan energy flask used to be called “alliance flask”.