Titan e glitch


No one left the alliance, this just appeared. It is back to normal now, but it seems to have the potential to be trouble

It isn’t really a titan glitch - you will also see all the members of the alliance are not in the members list when this turns up. We had it during the previous AW. I also started a thread about it. But it stopped happening, so I didn’t contact support about it. I think it is linked to AW in some way.

Hey Witch, no the names did not disappear from alliance list, as the first thing I checked, even though that third ex member was me :), and it persisted for awhile

Hey Branwen - in my case, the names - all the names, the whole alliance - disappeared from the list. It was empty… lol.

If this continues to be an issue, please contact support. :slight_smile:

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