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Are titans no longer dropping ascension items for 5 star heros? Seems nobody in my alliance has gotten any for the past 8 or 9 titans. And a lot less since the addition of “Titan Parts” as drops.
Way to ruin a fun game.

I think your alliance members are not reporting their goodies or you’ve collectively hit a run of bad RNG. My alliance has received several 4* mats this past week. I can’t remember all that was posted, but I know there were 2 D. Blades and a tabard in the mix.


Similar here. The titan loot is giving us nothing compared to what it was giving before. 7* and 8* and only few people get a a rare-ish item. What’s the point of fighting the titan?


That’s becoming an issue for us as well because it feels like less players are putting forth the effort to hit because the rewards just arent there


Last 5 days. 5 titans

Yes, they drop total randomly, doesn’t mather how much damage you hit. My allianz buddy got scope and gloves with 16k total hit, most was above 100k

Regardless of how much it is claimed to be TOTALLY random, the posts here seem to be extreme cases on both ends. One video shows multiple 4* in a row for the last five titans. Others claim a dry spell or that the alliance is incorrectly reporting… lol that’s a funny one. suggesting that people claim they didn’t get it when they did… makes no sense. I believe that there is some variable in play that causes these extreme cases. It’s unlikely that only the small amount of players on the forums are affected accordingly. I believe that there is an underlying condition that we are unaware of. If it was Totally random, I would see a more diverse result across the 6 accounts I run.

As for my contributions… I run 4 accounts of my own, and 2 of brothers (he plays very little) on my computer. That’s 6 accounts in the same alliance. You would think I would see a scattering of unfarmable mats, but have got nothing on any of them the past 6 titans. Before that I got a shield on one of them. I have NEVER seen a 4* mat.

Full disclosure: our alliance is only killing 5* titans right now with regularity,so this is based on 2 loot rolls rather than the 3 rolls given at loot tier IX.

Alt account with 3 month of playing.

3rd account with 2 month playing. In the same ally as the Alt account defeating 3* titans only

It really does matter what titan loot tier you are in. Higher = better. Sure, good stuff will drop in any tier, but higher tiers have better (though still very low) odds.

Does anyone know the percentage chance breakdown for the tiers on the Ascension mats?
I only know that loot tier nine gives you an extra roll. I have never seen a breakdown of the odds on Titan loot tier…

Nope, we haven’t done that work. Very hard to get good estimates on low-probability drops.

There are some who disagree with my thinking that there is a small but steady increase in the 4* drip rate across tiers. My belief is based on my own experience running my main account against 12* titans and my alt against 10*. While I was always getting daily titan loot at or above tier 9, the main account got about 2x the 4* mats.

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