Titan drop rate with ascension items

Is it me or has the ascension items drop rate has decreased when the titans parts were added? It has been 3 titans in a row including a rare titan with no ascension items at all. Anyone else having the same issue?

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Yes. Titans drop ascension mats only during full moon.

Yes exactly the same problem here.

Taking titans out like pop corn & no one in the alliance is getting any ascension drops. If someone does it’s like a miracle just happened.

The loot in this game is the most disgusting I’ve ever seen. No wonder ppl don’t want to play it anymore.

Ya I notice this after they added the new update. Before I would get ascension items every other day and then all of a sudden I am getting no ascension items at all. I will keep a record same is happening with the mystic vision ads they are now every 8 hrs but I haven’t seen an ascension items since it came out.

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I’ve received ascention items in 2/4 titans, so I’m running the same. But I’ve thrown zero 'poons, so perhaps poons are a factor here.


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