Titan downgrade


Today for the second time after defeating our 5* Titan we got a 4*. Presume this is a glitch but it really upsets the alliance.

Had that same happen to us too, I asked support about it and this was Petri’s answer.

The base level of a Titan increases on every victory, but the final level includes a certain amount of randomness. Your previous Titan was exceptionally high level, but if you keep beating the Titans it should become a regular occurrence.

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So it is not guaranteed that killing a titan gives a higher or even same level titan next, but the odds are better.


Your alliance can also roll 2 titan levels “up” too. You can beat a 5* and pull a 7*, for example.

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Thank you for the responses, can’t help thinking this is a bug that should be fixed. It is not beneficial to be given a titan you can kill by burping or one that there is no way in hell you can beat.

It is a shame to drop 2 levels. But sometimes dropping a level can be helpful.

Consider the following:

You kill a 7* titan, fast, like 10 hours before timer, then 9* spawns. Everyone is at full energy. You barely manage to kill it, with 10 minutes left on the timer.

Then 9* spawns again. now everyone is empty on energy and it will be even harder to kill that titan. A 8* would be welcome there, so you get it easier and can save some energy for the next one.


I still don’t get how it works. My alliance downed several 8* but a 9* escaped. After that we got 2 7* in a row.
It’s disapointing to start over on 7*s and I would like if we only went down 1 level when a Titan escapes.
When we go 2 levels down we have a lot of hits and level ups wasted and have no challenge in defeating the Titan.
It takes away some of the daily challenge and fun and the reason to pop in more than once in day when the Titan is downed to easy.
And according to Ariens post, it doesn’t seem to work the other way. We never got a 9 * Titan spawning after a 7 * and full loaded.

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It does work the other way. I have seen it scale up 2*s at once


Thanks Talisax, Nice to know that it is possible, even though I haven’t experienced it for months.

We always beat 5* and sometime beat 6* but it taps us out of alliance energy. So we get a 7* now and have no shot. To Arien’s point, I think our alliance likes when we drop down after a loss, we get a quick titan kill and the loot and one titan towards the chest and we get to RECHARGE for the next titan. As long as we keep progressing forward my alliance is content.

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Someone asked me this the other day in chat. Does anyone know the formula for alliance points raising and lowering in time with Titan victories and defeats? I still haven’t heard a cohesive theory. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I believe it has something to do with getting at least 50% of health gone in defeat. I know some watch titan scores closely, but I don’t

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Me either. Hmm, must go earn my Alliance Leader’s pay, darn it! :grin:

Raising this from the dead
Specifically because it had some knowledge given from a Petri response.

I’d like to discuss this one further to see what else others have noticed or if anything has changed. Like the answer above, we have seen the randomness of Titans leveling up twice after a defeat, we’ve seen it dropping twice on a escape, we’ve even had a run of eight 9* in a row until the Titan finally upgraded to 10*!
On one of the long 9* runs we did, we allowed the Titan to escape to give our members a breather. What I’ve never seen before is the next Titan was still a 9! We know a Titan can scale up without actually changing it’s star level (increases in health, maybe damage too?). Is this what he means by Base level vs Final level? Our Titan’s base was pretty high, so maybe it only dropped by “5 base levels” but stayed the same final level at 9*? Am I understanding this correctly?

Another thing that got us questioning, we have some anecdotal evidence that how much a Titan can scale down can depend on how much HP was left when it escaped. Any truth to this?