Titan down

I was just wondering if my rewards for defeating a Titan depend on how much damage I do. For example if I do 8000 damage to a Titan or if I do 80,000 damage to titan will I get the same award? And second is there any award for adding the final blow to destroy a Titan

The rank you get on a titan depends on amount of damage you deal and where you place overall. The top damage dealer gets an A+, and 2-5 get an A. Then everyone who dealt at least 3.3% of the titan’s hp get a B, everyone who dealt at least 1% gets a C, and anyone else who dealt damage gets a D.

The loot you get is based off of loot tier, which equals the titan’s stars plus 3 for an A+, plus 2 for an A, plus 1 for a B, and +0 for a C. Anyone who gets a D get loot tier of the titan’s stars / 2. No one knows exactly how the loot tiers determine loot odds, but the higher your tier, the better you should get overall

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Thanks, I was wondering if you know what I need to do to get into the Platinum tier in raids

Accumulate more than 1800 cups