Titan doesn't appear .. why?

We are still waiting for the titan … why do it happen? Any solution?

Seeing this as well. It’s been going between “Next Titan appears soon!” and “Next Titan appears in: 0s” for about 5 minutes now.

It appears 30 min late … and with only 22h to be killed … so?

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Search before creating a new topic.

Every titan has 22h to be killed, with or without bug

I thought it was 24h, or not…?

Sorry I made searching but to many blog about titans …

No, I am pretty sure we have always 22h

I remember a countdown from 23.59h… hmmm

It has always been 22 hours. 1 hour between titans, 1 hour shift earlier in the day from one titan to the next.

Here’s a tip, when something happens to you again, instead of using the search, go to #bugs-issues and scroll down the first page. Odds are you are not the first with the problem. If you are, more power to you. If not, reply to a thread that’s already open on the subject, this way, the devs have an easy time looking for patterns.

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