Titan Dmg? To stupid for?


Hi all,

just another small question about “how to do that much dmg” to titans.
Because I’m not sure I’m just too stupid for… but I can’t get that dmg on Titans like “others”.

I would say, that my Team brings all I need to do “enought” dmg but … nope

For Example on Green Titan:

Wu / BT / Gormek / Tibs / Cead
All expect Gormek are 70/4 (Gormek is still 60/3)

But I would say, my avg dmg isn’t more that 20-25k (Max dmg ~38 and this was reeeaaaaalllllyy lucky with combos)

I am certainly not the fastest in using items, but does that really make the difference?
Is there any more tactics for using the tiles? If you have a choice, 3 hits in the weak spot (neutral) or 3 hits with the strong color, what would you choose?
Maybe It’s really caused by wrong choises?

When I think about fighting stronger Titans… No chance : (
I have to say that at the moment we have “only” 6* Titans as opponents, because unfortunately the whole Ally is not so big/strong: (

Anybody here have any good advice on that?


Remember you have to shoot all the specials togheter. You need buffs and debuffs at the same time, useless if they works on different times.
Use neutral tiles only before activate your specials to stun the titan and take time.

When you see a good opportunity, activate all your special and from that moment try to use only strong tiles.

It’s an all-in gamble, you have to time it well.

Edit: oh, and double the strong color if you can.


Against a 6 * green titan 25k average is pretty good. You shouldn’t need items other than the odd arrow and antidote or two. To be truthful, most of the time I don’t use much more than that against the 9 stars. I’ll use minor mana pots if I have them. Every now and then I’ll treat myself to the 100% mana pots if food/items allow. You are doing fine with that amt of damage against that level of titan.


25K average and 38K max is pretty good for an all 4* team I think. That’s about exactly where my numbers are. Are the others you are chasing using 4* teams, or do they have more powerful heroes?


One trap that’s easy to fall into is to focus solely on how to match-3 above the weak spot. Sure, that’s really nice to stun the titan, but keep aware of the entire board. I’ll take a hit or two if I can do some nice work on the side, setting up or releasing a combo. Bring arrows/axes/bombs to reduce the damage from the single hits, bring antidotes if the specials have status ailments.

Most of the damage against titans is from tiles, not specials. The specials are best used to set up the tile damage, either with attack buffs or defense debuffs. Consider holding a special until (a) you can pair it with a matching special (attack with defense) and (b) you’ve got some tiles set up to use the situation to good advantage.


Thank you very much. I really thought the DMG was way too low. Had read here in the forum a few times from more (40k “normally” with 4* team) already.

But yes, I think I still have to work on my timing, when to activate the abilities. Maybe this will make it even better:)

Thank you again.


@Stuhry, thank you for this thread. Just my .02 but I will echo some others by saying that I think 20k to 25k per attack is pretty good! I have a 3500 to 3600 power team (mix of 5* and 4* heroes) and get what you are getting what you are (and often worse! Lol!). Granted, I am sure I can improve my strategy (thank you @Kerridoc!) but your experience is similar to mine and my alliance is mostly a 6* to 7* titan group.


This is the best advice you will find and it is often what I tell our new members. Getting away from soley focusing on the weak spot is one of the hardest things for new players to get ovr doing. You can set up some really nice combos by keeping your eye on the entire board.