Titan defeated but no items received

I’ve just defeated the last Titan. It didn’t confirm the defeat and no items were collected.
In the Titan list its shows that the last Titan escaped a day ago.

Welcome to the forum @keepee and to the community.

Its difficult to say something here, as we dont have screenshots or sonething like this.
Normally the titan loot works out fine.

Did you try and look up in options -> support -> recent activity?

There you can look up all loots with 3star or better materials.

Maybe it is a bug, but I personally never noticed.
Maybe give us some more information?

  • how many alliance members
  • any screenshots of the “escaped titan a day ago”?
  • screenshots of when the new titan will appear?

We will try to help, but just to be sure. If it isnt clearly a bug, there is no real hope to get any kind of refund here :slight_smile:


I agree with @Enni, needed screenshots recent activity

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