Titan darts

What’s the point taking on a 6 star titan been offered darts and then not receiveing them when you kill the titan. I notice all the rewards on this game have really gone down hill.

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With rare titans, you only get a chance at getting the ascension material. It is not guaranteed. Supposedly the chance is higher than normal titans but the exact % hasn’t been stated.

I totally agree, the rare titans come very few and far between. Sometimes it’s an effort to take out Rare titans and when you do kill them you get nothing.

Anecdotal evidence suggests it’s in the 3-5% range. As in 1 or 2 out of an alliance of 30.

As I tell my alliance mates when the get pissed at this - Extra Chance doesn’t mean Extra Good Chance sadly. It would be nice to have some sort of guaranteed item from a rare titan. Compass or gloves maybe?

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