Titan damage gauge clock average

It would be helpful to update the Titan damage gauge so it shows both the current damage as well as where the damage should be to defeat the Titan in time. Dividing the max Titan energy by 22h*60m, we can calculate what the Titan damage should be at a given hh:mm clock time if you’re on track. Display this amount as a secondary bar in the Titan damage widget, perhaps changing the color of the damage bar based on whether you’re ahead or behind the damage clock average.

I periodically calculate this for the team so we can determine how likely it is we can beat a given Titan, and it would be nice if it was a feature.

Contract me and I’ll code it for you. :wink:

I think that the most of the people need this info only once per titans - 11h before he goes away. That’s the moment when people are likely to make the decision whether they are fighting the titan till the end or letting him fly away. And it’s very easy to understand the current status even visually at this moment. So I don’t think that we really need that addition.

P.S. While speaking about nice UIs to compare the current progress vs the expected progress… The “Burndown Chart” is a very good example.

We also do the same and check around the 11 hour mark.
If not around or below half, we give this one a pass and let him live to fight another day

Depends on where abouts people in your alliance live aswell! Mine is Aussie England USA. So say now we had one 12hour maybe just over half way still keep hitting it as 4pm aus 8am England n about 3am USA majority of the alliance is probably asleep! Once they wake up n hit it, won’t be too longer till it’s dead!

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I would not like a linear scale. Not every alliance has the same rythm.

  • Top 10 alliances try to kll titans within 8h
  • Due to timezones you can have a large wave hitting very late because end of business day or just waking up.
  • in my alliance we optimize for a kill with 4h left to minimize flask use on 14 stars.

Far more useful counters and metrics imho are:

  • total flags used
  • average dmg per flag (also per players)
  • harpoons used (per player)

This could be added to a titan statistics page.

The way to decide if you could kill would than change to:

Expected available flags × dmg per flag > hp left on titan.


THIS! More useful, yet very easy implementable. Please create feature request with these details, I will vote for it right away!


I don’t agree, but that’s mostly because if you bail at the 11th hour every time:

  1. you regularly end up fighting titans below what you can achieve because you constantly have to be ahead at half to think you can make it.
  2. this doesn’t account for weird titan start timing where folks hit more in the second half, which matters because …
  3. it’s sometimes better to manage the ebb and flow of titan strength, pushing for this titan and skipping the next.

Flags used and hit average would be helpful as a metric, but I’m not seeking the perfect solution, just provide a simple to implement means for everyone to see where the average is and discuss whether to push for this Titan or bail. Our crew sweet spot is 9* currently, and we lose every 10*. Rewards wise, it’s sometimes better to finish a 9* after a run of them and skip the next 10* rather than miss a 9* and fall back to 8*, which we manage handily. Quitting at the 11h mark every time just means we’ll spend more of our time killing 8*, which is less rewarding for everyone.

Or you know, we could just ask that the titan base rewards are scaled like the harpoon rewards so you get partial credit and this whole discussion can go away. It’s a weird mechanism in a game that requires you to decide when not to play anyway. :slight_smile: