Titan Damage Boosters: Miki vs. Tarlak vs. Ranvir vs. Wu Kong vs. Guardian Gazelle

I’m just stating the maths.

I don’t have ranvir and never ever ever ever would draw for him (didn’t do any summons in the month that he was HotM). Even if I did get him I’d never ever ever level him…

But that’s just me.

P.s. I love my Miki :wink: even if I use 1-2 small mana pots to charge him… Still average in the 40-60k area vs. 12* titans :wink:

5.75? When I use ravnir with a diamond activating 13 tiles they all miss

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Yeah, I’m also so disappointed in Ranvir, I don’t mind the darts because I had about 30 of then when I pulled him and none yellow 5* to do, but I slightly overspent to get him. To make things worse I didn’t get Miki on my main, only on alt which I don’t care about so much.

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@Guvnor Great Writeup!!! I learned alot. Do you have comparisons of other heros? I’d love to read them. :wink:

Rereading this I see that you state both Wu and Ranvir have “chance to miss also applies to offensive special skills.”

It says this on Wu’s card but not on Ranvir’s. Does this apply to Ranvir even though it’s not stated on his card?

It doesn’t not say it either. I’m pretty sure that the chance to miss applies to special skills also, but can’t say for certain as I don’t own Ranvir.

As the owner of a Ranvir… yes specials miss too. My Peters missed his silence three times in a row on a Kraken. Terrible waste of mana pots. :man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

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That’s good to know. Helps me in my decision making process.

I wonder why that’s not listed on Ranvir’s card like it is on Wu’s. They need to clarify these things. :confused:

It’s good to count possibilities as long as one remembers it always comes to table.

I have two accounts, both are pretty good and have solid amount of heroes. My main I have Miki, Tarlak, Ranvir and Wu. My junior I have only Wu. You might think that first one is superior to second.

Junior has twice hit over 100k. Mains best is 89k. When they hit same titans in same ally, main is usually marginally better. In our last titan (red one) main went with mono blue using Miki. Junior 4blues and Wu. Using same amount of flags main ended with 203784 points and junior 206644.


Ranvir seems like a waste of time and I wish I had not put so much into him. Boooooooo🙄


This may be a noob question. If tile missed because of wu or ranvir special, will that charge the titan mana, if no, that may be a plus for wu and ranvir

Good day @Guvnor! Wow this was an awesome read and I appreciate all the research you put in to it. I was fortunate to pull Miki when he was the hero of the month but I have yet to level him. However I have used him even at 1.1 with mana pots on titans with good results. I intend to level him soon and replace Wu Kong. Thank you for putting this together.

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Excellent post! Very helpful. I will now fully ascend Miki because of your wisdom. Since the specials stack, would it be worth the bonus stacked tile damage to use both Miki & Tarlak on the same Titan, or just use Miki with a different hero?

My Titan strategy has been to use 5 super mana potions and fire Ares first. Athena second. My two most powerful hero’s with the opposing Titan element third & fourth. Then Tarlak fifth. I follow up with tornadoes and time stops to always put the tiles in my favor. I also have Ranvir and Wu but do not use them because of the miss factor.

What would be your ideal Default Titan team based on my hero’s?

Thank you :blush:

Missed tiles don’t do anything :slight_smile:

Don’t charge your teams mana or the titans mana.

Note tho, missing ONLY applies to the colours you have heroes for… E.g. if you don’t have a green hero, all green tiles will hit…

I don’t know your full roster but I’d say:

BLUE titans = Tarlak, Buddy/ Athena + 3 greens with high attack stats

All other titans = Miki, Defence down/ Athena + 3 strong colours.

Have a play and see if the extra defence down that Athena gives outweighs the benefit of stacking in another strong colour with defence down (e.g. gormek/Wilbur, Tiburtus/Cheshire cat, white rabbit/Vivica costume)

Ravnir -

I can keep Ravnir’s special going, without using mana pots for most of a titan battle most of the time. This is a big advantage.

Another pro over Wu…Ravnir is more durable. At least at the level I’m fighting Wu almost never makes it past the half way mark, Ravnir almost always lives through the battle.

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You’ll note I did state that with conditions. Wu Kong can get emblems much earlier and cheaper to gain the same/ similar durability.

Not sure what level titan you’re fighting but I take Wu against rare blue titans at 12* level and he manages to survive either the whole way thru or the majority of the way thru…

You must use mats to keep him alive…he just turns to dust for me starting at 10 stars. I would never waste emblems on either…

“waste” is a matter of perspective.

Mine has no emblems on him. I use either an axe attack or a turtle banner to allow him to survive 1-2 hits and that’s it.

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Odd that’s all I do, but I only do it at the start of the fight. Which is why he can make it to the half way point most of the time. You must refresh…