Titan Damage Boosters: Miki vs. Tarlak vs. Ranvir vs. Wu Kong vs. Guardian Gazelle

Wu Kong being better than Ranvir here is hilarious but so expected. Ranvir is such a mistaken design I completely don’t get it. I regret it the most this year that I fell for all this “5* Wu Kong” hype and gave him the darts. He’s so underwhelming. Glad Miki appeared few months later so I don’t have to rely on Ranvir anymore. But Inari could have got the darts. Now darts are gone.


Interesting. I have my Wu Kong maxed, at the moment I benched him and go mono - overall scores are about the same for me most of the time, when I don’t use big mana.
Was thinking about maxing Ranvir, but with those numbers, I think I still can take Wu and max Vivica or Joon or Neith or whoever. (we’re facing titans up to 9*, so survivability is no issue)

Thank you!


I’m gonna say Miki then Tarlak, I don’t care for Wu or Ranvir too much but Ranvir is more powerful than Wu by default. He hits his target, something Wu doesn’t do, they both have accuracy issues. And Ranvir has element link as well as resists poison.

That said Miki is number 1. I want Tarlak as well but not missing him having Miki. Wu is maxed for more holy depth esp in the 4* range, and I doubt Ranvir will go past 3/70 until all my yellow 5s I need are maxed and I just have the extra darts to give him.

Team Miki forever.


Alright, finished editing with the exception of the table summarising the damage buff & possibly comparison of some other attack buffers

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There is a horse’s for courses element to it as well. I have both Ranvir and Tarlak. I take Ranvir to purple and red titans and Tarlak to yellow, green and blue.

PS. You’ve a typo in your TLDR paragraph where you refer to Ranvir as Range.

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Below is a great review of the damage boosters. (You may need to slide to the right to view the full table) https://www.reddit.com/r/EmpiresAndPuzzles/comments/cko6qq/miki_review_hotm_august_2019/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=post_body

- Avg Atk Buffed Atk Damage Formula Damage w/ Blind % Buffed v Not
Wu Kong 718 2046.3 (2046.3/689)1.35 4.347 2.956 2.796x
Ranvir 718 2118.1 (2118.1/689)1.35 4.544 2.960 2.800x
Tarlak 718 1436 (1436/689)1.35 2.695 2.695 2.549x
Miki 718 1651.4 (1651.4/689)1.35 3.255 3.255 3.078x

Solely based on damage boosting, Miki is king, followed by Ranvir, Wu and Tarlak.


Miki has the same caveat as Ranvir in that the attacked has to have more health then the attacker for the buff to count. Otherwise great write up


I’m just saying the same thing that @Math-Teacher stated a few post above (but in a slightly different way). Note from the damage calculation thread that the damage done is proportional to (attack/defense)^1.35. We can ignore the defense which is constant across our comparison. So, to get the actual damage done, we need to include the ^1.35 before the miss percent effect. Doing so, you get the following average damage in order of effectiveness assuming the damage is 1 without an attack boost :
Miki: 3.08 = (1+1.3)^1.35 * (1-0)
Ranvir: 2.80 = (1+1.95)^1.35 * (1-0.35)
Wu Kong: 2.80 = (1+1.85)^1.35 * (1-0.32)
Tarlak: 2.55 = (1+1)^1.35 * (1-0)

So, based purely on expected damage increase, the order is Miki, Ranvir, Wu, Tarlak.


Obviously, tile damage is king against titans but it’s worth noting that Miki only boosts normal attacks and not special skills.


I only have Wu so he is the best!


Thanks guys, will update a section to include :slight_smile:

Alrighty updated to include a section about the DAMAGE BOOST. I set the Attack & Defence at an arbitrary value of 500 & 400 (respectively) with a theta modifier of 1.35. Thanks @Math-Teacher and @samoapop.

Also added in about miki’s caveat (thanks @Sid3ways). Forgot it as I never use miki outside titans :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m probably just dense, but do the numbers account for stacking? For instance, let’s say we bring Tarlak and four purples for a yellow titan. With the calculation as-is, each purple tile is doing 4 x 348 (1392) damage. But if we add the four purple heros together, it should be 2239 damage, right?

Not sure exactly how the colour stacking works in…

I think it may actually be adding all the attacks together inside the bracket…

So the formula would become:
Damage = 100 * (((Attack 1 + attack 2 + attack 3 + attack 4) * [attack buff]) / (defence))^1.35 * [number of tiles] * (1 - [miss chance])

Again not 100% sure. It will likely be covered in the damage calculation thread linked above.

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One thing you didn’t mention is that Wu Kong also increases your special attack as well, not just tiles. I am not sure if Raniv is similar, but the others only increase normal tile damage/slash attacks. That would be a Pro for Wu Kong.

For all of them, I think considerations should also be made for what happens when you have two additional heroes that have attack buffers, which are stackable? For example, if you were to add Boldtusk, it’s an extra 48% given to all heroes, which can be stacked with Ravnir, Wu Kong, Tarlak, and Miki. If you add in Zimkitha, it maxes the attack buffer available to 160% and 170% respectively for those affected by Tarlak and Miki’s special.

Here’s an analysis of Boldtusk with Tarlak I ran into a few months back:

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That is the theory, in practice, both Ranvir and Wu fail 35%, but globally, they are designed to fail the strong chip much more than the weak ones, so it is usual to see, against purple, for example, how all fails the yellow chips, all even with diamond and none with worthless colors. In addition, the game is designed so that, wherever you put it, the Titan searches for it and kills it, before others. There is no better proof of this than to see how in alliances, the first positions of titan are covered by those that have miki. They will deny it, but it is like that and it has always worked that way.

Personally never noticed this in my many many months of killing titans… Wu Kong and/or Miki have as much of a chance of being hit as any other from my experience


Well I have Wu Kong,Ranvir 3/70, Miki 4/80 +5 and I don’t have Tarlak but I can say that , Ranvir do big difference without any mana pot ,Wu Kong dose almost same damage as Ranvir but slightly less but he doesn’t live long enough and Miki is about useless without mana pot because it takes half a minute to charge him and then he do something except when you start with good bord from beginning but usually don’t. So I always get better scor With Ranvir then Miki because he charge fast on Titan and Miki of course is brilliant for bosses on event’s and sometimes in raids

I’m just stating the maths.

I don’t have ranvir and never ever ever ever would draw for him (didn’t do any summons in the month that he was HotM). Even if I did get him I’d never ever ever level him…

But that’s just me.

P.s. I love my Miki :wink: even if I use 1-2 small mana pots to charge him… Still average in the 40-60k area vs. 12* titans :wink: