Titan Colour Distribution

Do people feel that the color of an appearing titan is random and evenly distributed amongst RGB-YP, or does it vary , perhaps eg , there are more types of green titan models available at various * levels , therefore frequency might be over represented at some levels of titan?

I was curious as in my alliance we had 8/21 of the last 21 5* titans yellow ( I calculate a 4.4 % probability for 8 or more from 21 )

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@Revelate: What do you think?

Yes, that’s the probability for yellow, but you have 5 colors, the probability for any is around 20%, so not that unusual.

I think the devs should’ve made all titan colors have equal chance…

If the Titan colors are random, then they will be, er, random.

It’s only on a small sample size that we see what looks like a pattern…”small” in my mind would be anything less than several thousand, if not more. Just sayin’

leaves the math for the better equipped :wink:

Thanks for the replies so far.

Don’t worry, I am not extrapolating from my observation to conclude it’s not always just a straight 20% chance of each color. I know my alliance experience of 8/21 at 4% will currently be shared by 1 in 25 alliances , probably 1000’s therefore.

I probably won that 5 % chance , instead of the one to pull a Zeline this month.

I was curious enough to crunch the numbers - mainly because so many yellows annoys Wu Kong , who’s in charge of my team ))) . It crossed my mind that different titan levels might have non-uniform color distribution though , like mammoths are always blue, but dragons I have seen different colors I think, and whether the RNG might select the type of titan first and then the color, if there was a choice, so skewing the color mix. If that makes sense - I have only seen 4/5 * titans since I have been playing so was not sure.

An equivalent scenario I think would be for summons,which order might the RNG choose by ? star first or color - at some points , depending on events etc , some colors may have more heroes at a particular level.

:slight_smile: My 20% happened to be 100% / 5, but I meant it’s the probability of getting, out of 21, 8+ yellow or 8+ red or 8+ purple or 8+ blue or 8+ green. Your alliance experience of 8/21 will be shared by approx. 20% of alliances, but possibly with other colors instead of yellow.

And to explain the second part again: if the titan colors don’t have equal chances, I think it will be because some bug, or because the devs didn’t have enough titan images for some color, or something like that. Not because they wanted to provide an advantage to the players having more dark heroes.

I think it’s random as well; perhaps not quite because I don’t think you can get the same titan star / type twice in a row. If we put thousands of data points it’d probably trend right to 20%.

There’s like 4 titans missing from this list which skews the data (sorry) even worse on small sample size but our rare one is Onyx.


Our Alliance seems to get a 2:1 on Purple and Yellow titans vs anything else. Very often we get two yellows or two purples back to back.

So does my alliance. We are stuck at the 6/7* level and go back and forth with purple/yellow and an occasional green or red thrown in. Very rarely blue.

As in Yellow Titan / Yellow Titan, same star level or different levels?

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Often it’s probably different * as we float between 7/8, however today we got Emperor Dragon 7* (Yellow) after just killing Typhoon Dragon 7* (Yellow)

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Oh good to know! Probably can’t get the same type of titan in the same star perhaps then as we should’ve seen that in departed with our records of 10’s which only have 5 to choose from.

Figures Emp vs. Typhoon are two separate titan types in the same star, and 1/2 + 9/10 only have 5 types to choose from.

Would be interesting to know if you can get a 7* Typhoon and then an 8* Typhoon, I don’t think I’ve seen that in the data people shared with me but I’ll double check.

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I clearly remember getting same titan twice in a row in November.

I have a question maybe someone knows the answer to? We just formed a new alliance with 9 members and all we ever get are one start titans, six in a row! We kill the Titans in less than an hour flat and are frustrated a two star never appears. Is Titan level based on membership numbers?

Keep killing; at some point a switch flips and you get the 2* :slight_smile:

Ok 25+ members, now we get 2 stars but kill them in 20-30 mins and no 3 stars! Members are getting upset!

If you’re smashing 2* titans after 19 days something is wrong. You either need to submit a support ticket, or easier, someone fork out the 50 gems for a new alliance and all members move over to it.

What is your total alliance score? Do you know where to find it?

Is anyone noticing this super skewed titan color appearances? Or is it just us? We just got our FIFTH blue titan out of 7…

It continues. Got 3rd blue in a row. Makes it 6 blue titans out of 8…:man_shrugging:

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