Titan color

Out of the last 10 titans 7 have been Ice (blue) titans. Seems a bit out of kilter.

I don’t ever see them the same color two times in a row, so yeah…

My alliance is seeing nothing but purples and yellows for the last 2+ weeks. Usually 2 in a row of one color, then 2 of the next. Do they still make the other color titans in 8 and 9 size? :joy: It has become an old joke for us already, especially since we are generally weak on yellow, and I was curious if anyone is seeing this?

We get green and blue a lot. Those are our weak alliance colours… hmmmm I sense a conspiracy :joy::rofl:

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We have seen 3 in a row the same colour, I’m told colour is random and strange things happen with random :slight_smile:

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We track our titans, a month or two ago we had 4 blue in a row, a green, a yellow, then 2 more blues.
Now we’ve had 7 titans, with no blues at all, then 1 blue, but none for the 7 before that…….crazy.

Crazy, almost like rolling a 5 sided dice…


Moved this one to general, since there wasn’t any bugs or issues imo.

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